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Board Commander

Board Commander is the software and high-end training combination that will show you how to generate fast, free traffic in any niche on autopilot and profit from all this trade using the untapped power of Pinterest. The training shows exactly how Stefan can drive up to 12,000+ visitors a day on autopilot without spending a penny, and you get the full automating software to build a massive Pinterest following and use the secret sauce of Pinterest. Board Commander is the first software that automates building huge audiences and getting massive free, viral traffic from Pinterest in any niche with ease. Mike From Maine shares with you a method of getting hundreds of thousands of free, targeted visitors in any niche using a completely under-utilized, untapped traffic mother lode called Pinterest. Board Commander is the software that brings quality, fast, free traffic without spending a fortune.

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Re-Engager is the powerful ‘Point and Click’ technology that makes it easy to stand out, get seen, and ultimately get. Here, you will get more clicks, engagement, opt-ins, sales, and ultimately make you more money. It does not require any prior experience to start getting results fast. Re-Engager is an easy-to-use WordPress plug-in that you can get setup with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t need any prior experience to start getting results quickly. Everything is completely customizable, so you can make it work for your online business. The good thing of Re-Engager is 100% customizable… colors, boxes, pop-ups, videos, calls to action… you name it. It will improve your conversions, and reduce bounce rates with the website popups.

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Review Wizard

Review Wizard is the full system that comes with the step by step training on how to build a product review website and use it for affiliate marketing. It is the proven system to become six figure per year affiliate. Mike From Maine and Bretty Rutecky will teach you the most attractive ways to make more money in online with affiliate marketing you don’t have a product you don’t need to do updates, and you don’t need to do support you only send the sale as an affiliate and earn at least fifty percent of the selling price in fact. With this Review Wizard, you can easily make 370,000 dollars as an affiliate marketer. It will help you to make multiple six figure income. This Review Wizard WordPress plugin that turns any WordPress site into an optimized review site.

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50 extra IMP templates + 4 Weeks Live Training + Profit Canvas

This Package is a upsell of Group Traffic Profits by Brett and Mike. It’s include:

4 weeks of live COACHING with Brett and Mike: In this exclusive 4 week coaching Brett and Mike are going to start by walking though the Group Traffic Profits system, they are then going to continue by revealing the tactics that they personally used to build their 7 figure online business from the ground up. Live coaching from two top marketers should cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but you get it free as part of this exclusive upgrade opportunity.

50 extra templates for the Image Maker Pro software: Grab peoples attention and get more engagement, clicks, and profits with 50 extra professional created Facebook post graphic templates for the Image Maker Pro software. This alone is a $750 value!

Lifetime Profit Canvas membership: Profit Canvas is Brett and Mikes flagship software suite that includes everything a complete newbie needs to build a successful online business. With its innovative drag and drop page builder, its pop up builder, interactive video creation tool, complete webinar system, and intense training from both Brett and Mike Profit Canvas truly is an all inclusive marketing suite. You can buy Profit Canvas right now for $497 from or you can get it for free as part of this Group Traffic Profits upgrade opportunity.

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Group Traffic Profits

Group Traffic Profits is a system composed of 2 software and step-by-step video training that created by Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky. It helps you build your business and driving targeted traffic where you want and need it. Step Mike step training on how to quickly build a Facebook group & effectively use it for marketing. The Image Maker Pro system that lets even the most artistically challenged person create eye caching FB graphics. The FaceBook Link Post (v2.0) WP plugin that lets people make their entire graphic post clickable (instead of just a small text link).

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MailIt is a WordPress email plug-in that brings you a complete control authority of your online business. A lot of things you can do with this system such as selecting what subscribers you upload into the system, setting when you send emails, how many emails you want to send, what’s in the emails that you send, and much more. According to its creator, the tool has the open rate of 20+ %, and therefore, much better than auto responders that you got before.

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Affiliate Trax

Affiliate Trax is made up of software and training. The software lets you track your sales made through JVZoo and the training will show you how to promote products as an affiliate by reviewing products. The software itself does add the ability to track your sales you make through the JVZoo platform. You only need to add a special URL to each product you promote within your JVZoo account. This URL will then track all the sales for you and does list them within the software. You’ll also be able to add your Aweber or Mailchimp Autoresponder accounts, so that the people who buy through you, will get added to your list. You also can do that within JVZoo itself, but only if you use GetResponse as your autoresponder. This is a great extra feature of Affiliate Trax that you can add some extra autoresponder services, since not everyone does use GetResponse. Training Videos are two different type of training. One is coming from Brett and one is coming from Mike. Both of them show their way of how they do affiliate marketing and product reviews. They reveal the exact method they use to make a full time income through affiliate marketing.

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Video Takeover

Video Takeover is an amazing must have product for anyone who creates websites, drives traffic to any website, builds email lists and especially any affiliate marketer. Video Takeover is an online and cloud based software that allows you to create video popups over any webpage that you send traffic to. This means you can begin promoting other peoples products and have your video display over their landing page, get credit for the sale, all without having to create your own webpage! This just changed the game of affiliate marketing.

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SociSpot is a web based tool to add clickable interactive and engaging Icons to an image. You can place these Icons, called HotSpots, anywhere you want on the image (drag & drop simple). You can create all kind of HotSpots, like URL Redirect, Video, Call Me and Email Capture HotSpots. As new feature you can even show your interactive image right inside Facebook Newsfeed.

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Social Robot

Social Robot is a powerful SEO ranking desktop software, created by Joshua Zamora, Mitch Balazic and Mike From Maine, for building social backlinks to your website and videos that will help you achive faster rankings . Social Robot allows you to build up to 800 social bookmarks to any URL you want.

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