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Livecaster Agency

LiveCaster allows you to schedule as many videos as you want to be casted as live event. All you have to do is set it once, and have the App running, along with an internet connection. LiveCaster is robust enough to work round the clock so you can chedule and run as many clients’ videos live and help them get unprecedented, massive traffic.

Video MarketingApril 28, 2017250+2017-04-28 00:00:00

LiveCaster is a powerful app based on an amazing idea to get you huge traffic and massive viewers, boosting up your profits. This’s the missing piece for any perfect video ad. It solves the both questions any marketers, product vendors stumble on. How can you post a video on a social network and that video is both well-prepared and “live”

Video MarketingApril 28, 20172000+2017-04-28 00:00:00
Tuberank Jeet 3

Tuberank Jeet is the world’s bestselling YouTube Optimization software that anyone can do incredible optimization without any training or SEO expertise. Cyril Gupta helps you to find the perfect niche. Just put in a keyword, and you’ll know how hard or easy it is to rank for that keyword. Tuberank Jeet will tell you what keywords are super competitive, and what keywords are super easy to rank for. No more mysteries. This system tells you what exactly to do to achieve complete rankings. It will give you the tons of organic traffic from YouTube through powerful ranking strategy. Tuberank Jeet 3 is the result of Careful Research & every feature is calibrated to make it easier and faster to rank. This is all your customer needs for perfect video ranking optimization.

SEO VideoMarch 13, 20171000+2017-03-13 00:00:00
Reach Multiply

Reach Multiply is the new content marketing software that makes you a content marketing Ninja $339 per sale. You will get 100% Facebook approval and there is no need to create your own App or do the complicated setup. This tool that explodes your reach on Facebook and gives you 1000% more reach with your content. You will get everything done from Content curation, planning, scheduling to posting and supports all content formats natively. It will help you to multiply your fan pages reach by 4 Times, without having to spend any dime on ads, only by using this Content Marketing. These software features were created after countless hours of research based on teachings from top Facebook marketers. See for yourself the power packed features of this super app.

Facebook MarketingJanuary 13, 20171000+2017-01-13 00:00:00
Credi Response

Credi Response is a 100% Facebook compliant software (SAAS) as your service using the new Facebook technology to monitor your Facebook pages and posts, and send a direct message automatically to anyone who leaves a comment on your posts. The message pops right up on the screen and the person receives an audio alert and a Facebook notification.

Facebook MarketingDecember 8, 20161000+2016-12-08 00:00:00
Email Jeet 2

Email Jeet is a PC-based email marketing software by Cyril Gupta that has all the features you can expect from an autoresponder, including: List management, Optin forms, Unsubscribes, Mail sequencing.

Email MarketingJuly 20, 20161500+2016-07-20 00:00:00

SEONeos is a Windows based desktop software which you need to install on your computer. SEONeos is a SEO software with which you can analyze your website. You have the option to do On-Page Analysis as well as Off-Page Analysis. You just need to enter the URL you want to check in to the software and then the tool wil generate a report for the chosen Analysis. That way you get to know why a site might have been penalized and what you can do to get it up again.

SEOApril 25, 2016, 1000+2016-04-25 00:00:00
Tuberank Jeet 2.0

Tuberank Jeet 2.0 is a Windows desktop App that helps you to assess the ranking potential of a keyword (phrase) and than optimize your YouTube video for it. The software shows all your main competitors data and suggest tips and improvements to optimize your video details as video title, description, and tags. Now with one-click YouTube video upload feature (that includes all your optimized video details). Very handy and simple to use tool (for complete newbies and experienced video marketers).

Video MarketingJune 29, 20151000+2015-06-29 00:00:00