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FeelSocial is the ultimate all-in-one Facebook messaging software that sends custom broadcast messages to the entire FB Pages that land right inside prospects ‘FB Inboxes trigger follows up sequences and much more. Brad Stephens’s new technology that All you need is a way to convert that audience into buying leads. It is easy for you to take advantage of all the new features without being a programmer and without typing a single line of code. FeelSocial opens up a whole new era of FB personal messaging for you to convert leads into sales inside the Facebook inbox.

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Clickmsg is new software lets you send profitable, graphical, eye-catching new type of personal messages right into every prospects’ fb inbox. This software is the only way you can do it without being a coder. No need to know a single thing about JSON or any programming. With ClickMSG you can just simply type and create Facebook Messenger ads the way you create Facebook ads inside Facebook Ads manager. You even get a live preview on the side, just like what Facebook shows you. It’s so easy that anyone can do it. Even a newbie with minimum exposure to Facebook ads. All you need is your fantastic marketing brain, and you’ll be pulling in more dollars than all your competitors in no time at all.

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Social Optimizer

Social Optimizer is a software that connects directly with Facebook and your affiliate platforms to give you an instant overview of your business anytime you want. Watch your key stats including sales, costs, ROI & other crucial metrics in real time – updated 24/7 so you know precisely how to scale your campaigns.

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SproutAudience is the allows you to run video behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook, for the first time ever. It works for Facebook native video (yes, you can run ads to these videos) as well as embedded videos on your website! The software actually allows the user running the campaign to set time milestones for custom audiences to be created. For example, if a user creates a campaign inside of SproutAudience, they can select “5 seconds”, “30 seconds” and “45 seconds” (or as many custom time milestones as they want) and when a viewer hits that milestone, they will be added to the respective custom audience. This allows users to market to/retarget viewers who have seen certain parts of their sales videos/marketing videos.

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Social Scaling Formula

Social Scaling Formula is a video training series covering the exact unique and proven scaling strategies Jeremy and Brad Stephens use in their own business (there will be a lot of proof on the sales page). They realize that not everyone has the resources to even achieve a profitable Facebook Ad to begin scaling, so they’ve decided to include a full video course on their unique and alternative targeting methods so that you really have an “all-in-one” FB ads course that will set you up for success in any niche.

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Broad Targeting Formula 2.0

Broad Targeting Formula 2.0 is A Brand New FB Ads Targeting Course Set to Improve Leads, Conversions & Sales in ANY Niche Using Extremely Unique Targeting Methods. It’s a video training series on how Jeremy Salem uses extremely unique and alternative methods of finding the best interests for any niches. We all know how competitive Facebook ads are these days with everyone doing targeting research the exact same way. It’s that much harder to reach a passionate audience, no matter what niche you’re in. However, Jeremy is still able to find the untapped interests that no one else can find. People who know what he has been up to have been begging him to reveal his secrets but he’s kept them close.

Facebook MarketingJanuary 11, 20163000+2016-01-11 00:00:00
Social Suite

Social Suite is a web-based software that allows you create & design a web page from which the generation of market leads, promotion and sales of products and services can be done. The users of the software can design squeeze pages, e-commerce pages, sales pages, etc. The software is user-friendly for people and organizations that wish to sell their products or get social following through generation of market leads.

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