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VidBuilderFX is the adobe air based desktop software that creates your curated videos by putting together the trending video clips from Facebook and YouTube, editing them and then publishes them on your Facebook FanPage, profile or Group automatically. With this VidBuilderFX, you can quickly enter the keyword, and the app finds trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use, curates them together, adds your text, filters, voice over, text-to-speech,intro-outro slides and much more. It will automatically publish them to your Fan pages, profiles or groups quickly. Abhi Dwivedi’s VidBuilderFX will focus on solving one problem with one robust solution and something that will allow you begin putting more native videos on Facebook for your fans and your marketing.

Facebook Marketing, Make Video, Video MarketingMay 15, 20171500+VidBuilderFX2017-05-15 10:14:42

VidStory is the full bundle video pack that make your video marketing and business. You will gain an incredible amount of video animations without spending any more money. It is ready to use video templates for your business such as Offline Business, Company Profile, Online Services SEO, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Website service and much more. VidStory will help you to promotional videos such as Car promotion, Restaurant, food, and more. You can create your animated video in 10 minutes, With this VidStory, you will get the benefits such as 200+ ready to use animation slides, The latest color combination trend, Ready to use cinematic, typography, line and arrow animations, How to videos included.

Video MarketingMay 14, 2017250+VidStory2017-05-14 22:35:36
Whiteboard Video Fortune Special Edition

Whiteboard Video Fortune Special Edition is the exact offline done-for-you whiteboard video package on the market. Whiteboard Video Fortune Special Edition is a marketing professional who wants to generate more leads. Everything you need to do is simply deliver the accurately crafted lead generation video that converts. Whiteboard Video Fortune Special Edition is the mind-blowing package of 10 done-for-you whiteboard videos in 10 hot, profitable offline niches, ten blackboard videos with the similar content. Here, you can sell your videos and lead generation services. It is the proven way to generate more and more leads.

Internet Business, Video MarketingMay 13, 2017100+Whiteboard Video Fortune Special Edition2017-05-13 22:38:18
Video Ads Genius 2.0

Video Ads Genius will show you how to get hot traffic for pennies and change it into valuable leads and hungry customers. Ray Lane will teach you how to get traffic for pennies using YouTube Ads, and then turn that traffic into money in your pocket. You will get to four hours of high-definition video training from two 6-figure YouTube experts. Inside this Video Ads Genius, it will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make money with YouTube Ads. It is the step-by-step YouTube Ads training that makes $100 get to start out YouTube Ads. With this Video Ads Genius, you will get tons of extremely affordable, high-quality traffic and make money.

Traffic, Video MarketingMay 8, 2017, , , 500+Video Ads Genius 2.02017-05-08 20:25:37

Vidkala is the brand new plugin that builds money-making video sites in just 60 seconds and gets 10x more profits with videos on Facebook 100% autopilot. It is given with a feature that helps you to add a Call-to-Action on your video blog post and fan page video post to promote offers. Dillon Hendrix’s Vidkala will re-target visitors you send to the sales page, and bring them back to the website to make you more commissions. You can activate 24/7 current staff that provide support to your customers throughout the year along with all the free updates to the web-based app. Vidkala will help you to have an app so you could interact or bring in new customers and leads.

Facebook Marketing, Video MarketingMay 6, 2017, , 500+Vidkala2017-05-06 20:13:11
Livecaster Agency

LiveCaster allows you to schedule as many videos as you want to be casted as live event. All you have to do is set it once, and have the App running, along with an internet connection. LiveCaster is robust enough to work round the clock so you can chedule and run as many clients’ videos live and help them get unprecedented, massive traffic.

Video MarketingApril 28, 2017250+Livecaster Agency2017-04-28 00:00:00

LiveCaster is a powerful app based on an amazing idea to get you huge traffic and massive viewers, boosting up your profits. This’s the missing piece for any perfect video ad. It solves the both questions any marketers, product vendors stumble on. How can you post a video on a social network and that video is both well-prepared and “live”

Video MarketingApril 28, 20172000+Livecaster2017-04-28 00:00:00
IM Video Masters

IM Video Masters is training course which teaches you how to create, edit and publish attractive marketing videos. You get 7 modules of high-quality training, PDF outlines, and some awesome bonuses in order to make a good video to sell your products with an A to Z process. IM Video Masters can be applied to any niches you are working for and customize it as you like.

Video MarketingApril 26, 2017100+Im Video Masters2017-04-26 00:00:00
Video Ad Mastery

Video Ads Mastery has been widely known for being an in-depth video training program which is neatly organized to show participants the step-by-step process of building a huge retargeting list of passionate audiences by using Facebook video ads cheaply and quickly. After that, this course is going to show you how to easily earn profits from this type of audience with effective, scarcity-driven retargeting promotions, as well as the fundamental instructions to attract real reactions, loyal and engaged clients.

Video MarketingApril 26, 2017, 100+Video Ad Mastery2017-04-26 00:00:00
Vid Central

Vid Central is a central hub that teaches multiple video sales processes for specific marketing outcomes will give you tons of benefits. Vid Central allows you to learn how to create the video scripts for each sales process as well as you can learn how to rapidly and easily create high converting videos without ever having to be on camera. Users are definitely able to have access to a central hub where you will learn specific video creation strategies for marketing sales processes.

Video MarketingApril 25, 20171000+Vid Central2017-04-25 00:00:00

ProfitJackr is the ultimate web application that allows video capture to hijack a launch movement. The application also allows manual publishing directly from within the application. This incredible list of video marketing tool can choose YouTube channel, and auto creates backlinks for you. The dashboard is very easy to use. You can see how many link back to the index, especially create a blog network. Anyway, you can create some projects and save it next time.

Video MarketingApril 16, 2017500+ProfitJackr2017-04-16 00:00:00
Screen Profits

No Traffic Income Method is completely a different product that you never seen before. It offers you actually over 300K+ PLR Articles & Resources. With these resources you will get step-by-step 12 Video Training that helps you to start making money from today.

Video MarketingApril 11, 2017250+Screen Profits2017-04-11 00:00:00
Video Ads Traffic

Video Ads Traffic is a simple and innovative easy to use a system developed by Adam. Adam created this method to make easy money in online. In Video Ads Traffic, Subscribers can get everything they need to get started right away. A comprehensive step-by-step video ads training for 2017 and beyond. Video ads traffic is a new and improved version of the previous Adam method released back in 2015 that sold over 1900 copies on the front end

Video MarketingApril 9, 2017500+Video Ads Traffic2017-04-09 00:00:00
Video Overplay

Video Overplay is a WordPress plugin that lets users seamlessly integrate opt-in forms, custom buttons, surveys, and more inside videos on their websites. This results in increased user engagement which has been proven to significantly increase video conversion rates which are naturally higher than any other form of online media as it is. Video Overplay lets you harness the power of any video online and place it on your blog. Having your opt-in box, survey, order link to your product or an affiliate offer, placed right on top of the video will enable you get the commission, the leads, or even just get the traffic. Unlike other video plugins out there, Video Overplay has set custom Call To Action buttons, surveys, social share buttons, and more all inside for quick and easy short code posting. Not only that, while OTHER video plugins are limited to YouTube, Video Overplay handles more than just one platform to make sure you get the most of the viral traffic coming your way.

Build Website, Video MarketingMarch 17, 201725+2017-03-17 00:00:00

TubeSync is an automated YouTube video backup software and offers an impressive and powerful backup solution which is 100% secure! Your data is hosted on your own servers and accessible to you from any part of the planet at any time! All you need are your login details. Moreover, TubeSync grabs your videos from YouTube automatically and keeps a backup ready for whenever you need it! Not only does TubeSync stay in constant touch with your YouTube channels, it also fetches live stats from YouTube. Every ‘like’, every ‘comment’ and ‘share’ is updated in real time for you to learn the popularity trends of your videos. That way, you can see which videos are popular and what topics are trending which helps you target better.

Video MarketingJanuary 30, 2017, 500+TubeSync2017-01-30 00:00:00
Local Lead Drop

Local Lead Drop is the complete system for getting the leads delivered to your subscriber’s inbox daily. Neil Macpherson will cover everything in a complete video training series and also include the essential documents needed during the process.Here all you need to make this system work no matter services your list may be offering. Local Lead Drop will help you to setup YouTube Ad Campaigns for Local Marketing and How to Charge top Dollar to Manage Client Campaigns. This is the killer method for landing clients and the hottest high-end service to sell YouTube Ads.

Video MarketingJanuary 20, 2017, 500+Local Lead Drop2017-01-20 00:00:00
Live Suite Pro

Livesuitepro is the only web based live video marketing suite that allows users the  ability to schedule live videos, send auto messages to people who comments, show live real time reactions, run tickers, run live videos in premium placeholders and go live on multiple pages and groups simultaneously on facebook.

  • Schedule Your Live Video: One and Only App in the World which allows you to Schedule your Facebook Live. You no longer need bulky and costly webinar platform to interact with your audience or fan following. With FB Live, You can interact with them face to face LIVE FREE OF COST forever. Your Audience will receive Real Time FB Notifications as soon as you Go Live on Facebook.
  • Send Automated Messages: Live Suite Pro will Send a Personalized Response to every Customer who Comments on your Facebook Live while you concentrate on your FB Live without having to worry about replying to the audience. 100% Inbox delivery will Boost your conversions and profits go through the roof. Your audience will be Thrilled to see this Live Real Time Response to their every Reaction.
  • Show Live User Reactions: Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement. Connect with people’s emotions and show Real Time Engagements inside your Facebook Live.
  • Go Live on Multiple Pages and Groups at Once: Go Live on Multiple Locations at once. Instant Syndication of your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups. Notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds. More Visitor means more exposure of your live video which in turn means more audience and business leads every day.
  • Run Live Tickers in your Live Videos: Make your FB Live highly professional using LIVE Tickers On Your FB Live Videos just like news channel program shows at the bottom of the screen about latest update news. This will give you a supreme authority in live space with unbeatable class videos.
  • Live Suite Pro Mobile App (iOS & Android): All the features of ‘Live Suite Pro’ will be available on our iOS and Android Mobile App to make you mobile GO. You can Schedule, Share, Show Reactions, Send Automated Texts and insert Tickers in your Live Video anytime On The Go when you are traveling or you are out with your Friends. Our Mobile App will take care of all of your Engagement just like software.
  • 10 Premium Live Video Placeholders Templates: Select One Of the Live Video Placeholder Template from drop down to increase your FB Live Aesthetics & gather special attention of audience. Pertaining to unique placeholder in which your FB Live Video will run. Nobody does it till now which means attention grabbing strategy to use before your competitors know of this feature.
Facebook Marketing, Video MarketingDecember 21, 2016500+2016-12-21 00:00:00
Z Video Rank Rocket

Video Rank Rocket Is Cloud Based Software,  Strong Video Backlinking, Social Sharing Video Link Wheels – Both Open And Closed. It is the #1 tool for YouTube marketers that allows you to outsmart your competition and succeed in your video marketing efforts: Record Speed Rankings That Stick, Page 1 Rankings in Hours, Better Clicks, Better Conversions.

Video MarketingDecember 9, 2016250+Z Video Rank Rocket2016-12-09 00:00:00
Video Chief Agency

Video Chief is one of the biggest libraries of video marketing resources. Inside Video Chief, you can find numerous pre-made videos, script templates, voice over templates and more. Video Chief allows you to instantly access more than 600 incredibly profitable templates that spread across dozens of highest converting niches. In other words, Video Chief is one of the biggest done-for-you video membership sites that you ever want to join.

Video MarketingDecember 6, 20161000+Video Chief Agency2016-12-06 00:00:00

Prospectrr is the brand new video lead prospecting software that allows you to dig out the most potentially profitable prospects and build up the campaigns in just a matter of minutes. With this app, you won’t need to send each message to each partner respectively. Prospectrr helps you to write a message and send it to all the prospects at the same time with just one click. This Prospectrr will now elaborate on its impressive features.

Video MarketingNovember 29, 20161500+Prospectrr2016-11-29 00:00:00

Super-Folios is a simple set of profession portfolio templates designed especially for Prospectrr users. Create a seamless transition from getting clients, to closing clients, with less work. Saving you time, money… and saving you a ton of lost leads. Each Super-Folio has been designed with one job in mind. To get you the enquiry. That means all you need to do is copy and paste your business details into the template. Add your videos. And that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. A few clicks and your new Super-Folio is ready for business.

Video MarketingNovember 29, 2016250+Superfolios2016-11-29 00:00:00
Instant Spokesperson Club

A monthly offline video club, where you get access to ALL our local marketing videos, and monthly training. There are new videos and video-related materials each month to help you succeed as a video marketer. You will get Over 120 Niches: Accident Attorney, Acupuncture, AirDuct, Airport Transportation, Alarm Installation, Appliance Repair, Asbestos Removal, Auto Detailing, Autobody Repair, Auto Parts Shop, Bail Bonds, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Blinds & Shutters, Business Lending, Car Dealer, Car Rental, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Installation,Catering, Child Care, Chiropractor, Computer Repair, Concrete.

Video MarketingNovember 11, 2016500+Instant Spokesperson Club2016-11-11 00:00:00
50 extra IMP templates + 4 Weeks Live Training + Profit Canvas

This Package is a upsell of Group Traffic Profits by Brett and Mike. It’s include:

4 weeks of live COACHING with Brett and Mike: In this exclusive 4 week coaching Brett and Mike are going to start by walking though the Group Traffic Profits system, they are then going to continue by revealing the tactics that they personally used to build their 7 figure online business from the ground up. Live coaching from two top marketers should cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but you get it free as part of this exclusive upgrade opportunity.

50 extra templates for the Image Maker Pro software: Grab peoples attention and get more engagement, clicks, and profits with 50 extra professional created Facebook post graphic templates for the Image Maker Pro software. This alone is a $750 value!

Lifetime Profit Canvas membership: Profit Canvas is Brett and Mikes flagship software suite that includes everything a complete newbie needs to build a successful online business. With its innovative drag and drop page builder, its pop up builder, interactive video creation tool, complete webinar system, and intense training from both Brett and Mike Profit Canvas truly is an all inclusive marketing suite. You can buy Profit Canvas right now for $497 from or you can get it for free as part of this Group Traffic Profits upgrade opportunity.

Video MarketingOctober 27, 2016, 100+2016-10-27 00:00:00
WP Video Profits

WP Video Profits is a WordPress plugin that lets you add unlimited calls to action, optin forms and any kind of html elements right on top of your videos forcing visitors to take action and convert them into leads, sales and commissions for you. WP Video Profits adds amazing video actions that no one else among your competitors will be using so your site will stand out for your audience and convert more visitors into customers every single day.

Build Website, Video MarketingOctober 19, 2016, 500+WP Video Profits2016-10-19 00:00:00

Vidfly is a dead simple 1 click software to create youtube like video channels using other’s videos legally & let them drive facebook traffic on automation. Also, It is a brand new cutting edge 1 click cloud software that creates instant seo-optimized video sites and gets 100% real-unlimited social traffic on complete autopilot.

Video MarketingOctober 17, 2016, 1000+Vidfly2016-10-17 00:00:00
Tube Amplify

Tube Amplify is a video marketing training and software bundle that shows users how to build a highly profitable YouTube channel. The training is based on Parker Nirenstein’s successful YouTube channel that earns over $1k/day and has been featured in articles on authority news sites such as Tube Amplify delivers Parker’s exact step-by-step blueprint combined with proprietary software which allows users to spy competitors, find profitable keyword opportunities and more.

Video MarketingSeptember 20, 2016, 1500+Tube Amplify2016-09-20 00:00:00

BigWigVideo is the first of its kind cloud based software that requires no complicated Installation, No hosting and no domain name registration. It takes any YouTube video, convert it into SEO, Social & Viral traffic machine that makes hands-free affiliate sales and you see money rolling in your bank account.

Video MarketingAugust 11, 2016, 1000+BigWigVideo2016-08-11 00:00:00

VydioX is a fully cloud based video app that created by Radu Hahaianu and Han Fan. It allows you to instantly build high converting sites with just 1 click and add hundreds of videos, get traffic, build their list and make more sales in the process.

Video MarketingJuly 8, 2016, 1000+VydioX2016-07-08 00:00:00
1-Click Video Site Builder Plugin

1 Click Video Site Builder is a true 1-click wordpress plugin that creates video sites in under 60 seconds. This plugin is fully automatic allowing you to set and forget while it posts the content that will make you money.

Build Website, Video MarketingJune 12, 20162500+1-Click Video Site Builder Plugin2016-06-12 00:00:00
Video Spinn

Video Spinn is an innovative desktop app (for both Windows & Mac) that allows you to create hundreds — even thousands — of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. It can easily create randomized slideshow videos using folders of video clips and/or images. These are perfect for SEO, YouTube domination, offline client commercials, video personalization, affiliate marketing via video, video branding, keyword targeting, and more! We’re finding new uses every day.

Make Video, SEO Video, Video MarketingMay 17, 20161500+Video Spinn2016-05-17 00:00:00
Simple Video Management System

Simple Video Management System is an amazing plugin by David Perdew. After trying to use many of the high-priced video plugins and David Perdew decided it was time he built his own simple video player that does a couple of things really well – and only those things, like playing videos in any browser, user friendly, organizing videos logically, adding HTML/buy buttons, revealing buy now buttons, autoplay options, redirecting to any page you want when the video is finished, and more. Simple Video Management System is a 100% original, made-from-scratch tool created by David’s team at NAMS! This is more than just a plugin. It is a game changing video player and video manager for any website whether it is WordPress or not.

Build Website, Video MarketingApril 25, 20161000+Simple Video Management System2016-04-25 00:00:00
Video Takeover

Video Takeover is an amazing must have product for anyone who creates websites, drives traffic to any website, builds email lists and especially any affiliate marketer. Video Takeover is an online and cloud based software that allows you to create video popups over any webpage that you send traffic to. This means you can begin promoting other peoples products and have your video display over their landing page, get credit for the sale, all without having to create your own webpage! This just changed the game of affiliate marketing.

Video MarketingMarch 23, 2016, 2000+video-takeover2016-03-23 00:00:00
Video Titan 3

Video Titan 3 is a powerful system including a training course and 6 software tools that helps you make money with marketing videos :

Tube Titan: Browser tool to (re)research videos. Easily find the best performing YouTube videos. Great for “stealing ideas” and creating similar video campaigns. Or easily export video URLs and/or keywords that you can use to target to within your YouTube ads.

1-Click Animated Video Creator: Desktop (Adobe Air – PC/Mac) software to easily and quickly create animated videos. Start from scratch or use one of the 30 built-in easily customizable templates (you can change background, font, add mp3 audio etc.). Then select the number of slides you want to use and add text/image/video to your slides. Per slide, preview and select your animation style and set animation time. Hit create, and the software will automatically render your video very fast.

1-Click Video Page Creator: A web browser tool to easily create Landing (aka Squeeze) pages. The software comes with 10 built-in templates. You only have to insert your videos, headlines, text and opt-in form code. Don’t bother about design. These templates have been proven to convert!. This tool even comes with pre-loaded “Done For You Affiliate Campaigns” for over a dozen JVZoo and ClickBank products.

Tube Traffic: Desktop software to add clickable “annotations” (i.e. images, videos, buttons etc.) to any video you can download and import. Perfect for boosting engagement and or promoting products right inside your video.

Video Dynamite: With this desktop tool, you can add text (or sub-titles) to any video. Just import your video and add text (sub-titles) to your video.

Titan Theme: This WordPress theme has been designed to show your videos in the best visual way to boost viewings and conversations.

Video MarketingFebruary 22, 20164000+Video Titan 32016-02-22 00:00:00
Video Xtreme

Video Xtreme (VideoX) is a comprehensive course and software bundle that teaches proven methods discovered by Neil Napier and his team that have worked towards earning significant ROIs and profits through YouTube Ads, a very cheap source of targeted paid traffic because it is currently untapped and overlooked. Video Xtreme consists of 11 modules and 4 “bonus” modules as I’ve listed in the section below and it has been structured in a way that teaches students the fundamentals of online ads and video ads before moving ahead to the methods themselves.

Video MarketingDecember 11, 20151000+Xtreme Builder2015-12-11 00:00:00
Video Ads Formula

Video Ads Formula is a video course on how to create profitable video ads on Facebook. It’s not just a course on how you could do it, you’ll get a real case study based on Mario Brown’s results. He shows step by step how he did the ads to generate the leads, getting cheap video views (for pennies) and how he converted does viewers into leads. He also reveals the landing page he was using and which was converting at 53% on cold traffic.

Facebook Marketing, Video MarketingNovember 21, 20151500+Video Ads Formula2015-11-21 00:00:00
Video Vibe Pro

Video Vibe Pro is an all in one niche video marketing suite that lets you do everything you need to market with video, both socially and organically via the search engines (with just a few clicks of the mouse). This simple to use application works with both mac and PC – and you can be up and running with beautiful profit sucking videos in record breaking time.

Video MarketingSeptember 14, 2015, 3000+Video Vibe Pro2015-09-14 00:00:00
WP Scope

WP Scope is a wordpress plugin that sends viral, targeted and free traffic straight to your blog. Create your own video content or sit back and watch as this plugin uses other people’s content to drive you traffic, build your list, and make you profits. WPscope is churning out magnetic content, attracting traffic, sucking up new subscribers, and building your business, brand, authority and bank balance.

Video MarketingSeptember 7, 20152500+WP Scope2015-09-07 00:00:00
Video Cloud Pro

Video Cloud Pro is a new technology creates perfect unfair seo-optimized video sites pre-filled with content & readymade marketing. With Video Cloud Pro we took everything we learned from our beta users in January and refined it to perfection. So now, not only is Video Cloud Pro the FIRST ever fully automated web system that builds sites and curates content at the push of a button, it’s also a flawless money-making machine. The ease of use for Video Cloud Pro is absolutely STUNNING, allowing users to seamlessly enter their keywords and curate videos, grab leads and monetize their audience, all within a set-and-forget interface, without every having to touch one line of code.

Build Website, Video MarketingAugust 20, 2015, , 1000+Video Cloud Pro2015-08-20 00:00:00
Tuberank Jeet 2.0

Tuberank Jeet 2.0 is a Windows desktop App that helps you to assess the ranking potential of a keyword (phrase) and than optimize your YouTube video for it. The software shows all your main competitors data and suggest tips and improvements to optimize your video details as video title, description, and tags. Now with one-click YouTube video upload feature (that includes all your optimized video details). Very handy and simple to use tool (for complete newbies and experienced video marketers).

Video MarketingJune 29, 20151000+Tuberank Jeet 2.02015-06-29 00:00:00
Video Turbo Store

Video Turbo Store allows anyone make sales direct from their video clips… clients can shop and watch at the same time without ever needing to leave the video or even hit pause. Video Turbo Store is a ultimate tool powered by “shop while you watch” video marketing tech… let’s see this review of video turbo store & down load 2 giant-exclusive bonus pack value +$50,00.

Video MarketingMay 25, 20152000+Video Turbo Store2015-05-25 00:00:00
Video App Domination

Video App Domination is a Mobile App platform that integrates Video into each Mobile App. These mobile apps are used for online offers such as games, CPA offers or to build lists. The platform also lets marketers build stunning apps for local business owners. This is the first time that Video & Mobile Apps have been fused together into a revolutionary platform and absolutely no one in industry will ever come close to having the design quality of Done-for-You Video Apps. Video App Domination doesn’t just look super hot, it’s fully integrated with Killer Features like in-app purchases to drive subscription sales, payment platforms, social media & of course videos. It’s super easy for customers to take an idea and monetize it as a Video Mobile App with revolutoinary platform & then launch multiple mobile apps.

Mobile Marketing, Video MarketingMay 14, 20152000+Video App Domination2015-05-14 00:00:00
Video Lead Box

Video Lead Box is an app to easily create highly engaging popups on your website. Although the name indicates that you can only create video popups, you can create any kind of popup you want (with or without a video). It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device you want. Video Lead Box is very easy to use and you can create your popups within minutes without any experience or technical know-how.

Build Website, List Building, Video MarketingMay 4, 20151500+Video Box Pro2015-05-04 00:00:00

TubeSift is the superman of YouTube ad software. It’s a cloud-based tool that provides you with laser-targeted keyword research in minutes. Its geo-targeting can literally fly around the world and return with hundreds of profit-ready videos for you to advertise on, faster than a speeding bullet. And it’s something Justin Sardi wish he’d had when he first started out. But it didn’t exist back then, so he used the profits from my own YouTube campaigns to build it. TubeSift lets you:

  • Find only the best monetized videos in seconds.
  • Eradicate long, boring market research sessions
  • Complete essential keyword research in minutes.
  • Identify the perfect target audience for every new ad you create
  • Discover entire niches to dominate in a few clicks
  • Create multiple placement lists with ease
  • Create new ad campaigns without leaving the software
Video MarketingApril 8, 20151500+2015-04-08 00:00:00
Video Store Pro

Video Store Pro is a turnkey video marketing business that will build an ecommerce site for you and stock it with professional white label videos and any other videos of your choosing. With Video Store Pro, the process of selling your videos to businesses has been simplified and streamlined with smart technology that allows you to sell these videos to your customers without having to customize them yourself.

Make Video, Video MarketingMarch 2, 2015, 1500+2015-03-02 00:00:00

VideoHub is a web based application for displaying your (YouTube, Vimeo and S3 hosted) videos in a video gallery. Choose from 20+ beautiful gallery templates. Comes with built in customizable video player and highly effective monetization options as lead capture and CTA buttons. Show your video galleries on different places like your website/blog, Fanpage or hosted page by VideoHub.

Build Website, Video MarketingFebruary 23, 20151000+Videohub2015-02-23 00:00:00
Elite Video Evolution 2.0

Elite Video Evolution is an in-depth, high quality training program given by Ryan Phillips that will show you an over-the-shoulder blueprint for creating high converting sales videos. It’s an intensive nine module training program designed to take you behind the scenes and show you step-by-step how to create the highest converting, persuasive and professional looking video sales machines …that increase your conversions and put more money in your pocket.

Video MarketingFebruary 9, 20152500+Elite Video Evolution 2.02015-02-09 00:00:00

Vidlify is a web app that will give you the ability to easily and quickly build your own profitable unique and responsive video websites and then populate it with thousands of videos in a few minutes. You can automatically curate as many videos for your targtted keywords as you want and build your brand in any niche. You can build video sites that work on any mobile device you and your visitors own. You sites will be ranked on the first page of Google by using the built in SEO feature. You can track your video sites, visitors, videos and more by using the admin panel. Build your email list fast by using Vidlify Opt-in panels. Reach out to a huge number of people by translating your sites into different languages. Build your social brand by using Vidlify Facebook Integration.

Build Website, SEO Video, Video MarketingJanuary 26, 2015, 2000+Vidlify2015-01-26 00:00:00