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Video App Domination

Video App Domination is a Mobile App platform that integrates Video into each Mobile App. These mobile apps are used for online offers such as games, CPA offers or to build lists. The platform also lets marketers build stunning apps for local business owners. This is the first time that Video & Mobile Apps have been fused together into a revolutionary platform and absolutely no one in industry will ever come close to having the design quality of Done-for-You Video Apps. Video App Domination doesn’t just look super hot, it’s fully integrated with Killer Features like in-app purchases to drive subscription sales, payment platforms, social media & of course videos. It’s super easy for customers to take an idea and monetize it as a Video Mobile App with revolutoinary platform & then launch multiple mobile apps.

Mobile Marketing, Video MarketingMay 14, 20152000+2015-05-14 00:00:00