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VidBuilderFX is the adobe air based desktop software that creates your curated videos by putting together the trending video clips from Facebook and YouTube, editing them and then publishes them on your Facebook FanPage, profile or Group automatically. With this VidBuilderFX, you can quickly enter the keyword, and the app finds trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use, curates them together, adds your text, filters, voice over, text-to-speech,intro-outro slides and much more. It will automatically publish them to your Fan pages, profiles or groups quickly. Abhi Dwivedi’s VidBuilderFX will focus on solving one problem with one robust solution and something that will allow you begin putting more native videos on Facebook for your fans and your marketing.

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Decinema is the big bundle of brand new cinematic-visual video template. Agus Sakti’s product that helps whether you are entrepreneur designer website owner or digital marketer, you can easily create videos.  It will allow you to captive their audiences so you can generate more leads and double their profits. Now you can create videos just like these with Decinema less than 10 minutes. Decinema will help you to make massive profits for you. You can begin making cinematic-quality quickly using the only powerpoint without any new complicated video editor. Also, no special plugin required and no tech skill needed. Decinema developed to allow you have all the technique for creative and engaging videos.

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Kick-Ass Video Templates

Kick Ass Video Templates is one-of-a-kind graphics collection you have already templates. Lucas Adamski will boost your sales and conversions. It features 450 premium-quality, conversion-boosting character animations to make your video more engaging and enchanting so that it will make you more money. It will improve your sales and conversions. You can save a ton of money on the video experts.  Kick Ass Video Templates is the done-for-you animated characters will give you an “extra” edge over your competitors for a fraction of the real price. You can add animated characters in your video creator. With this Kick Ass Video Templates, you can quickly change your boring videos into the exciting ones. Finally, you’ll be able to create pro-looking videos quickly without being a video expert

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Pitchmaker has earned its reputation for being a mind-blowing cloud-based application which enables users to build their own sales videos within a few seconds. What’s more, Pitchmaker also helps you write stunning video scripts, as well as create eye-catching slides. By using Pitchmaker, you will be able to multiply your current profits by two times, three times or even four times even if your traffic stays the same. Besides, Pitchmaker allows you to dramatically boost sales without having to write a single word. You also do not need to have any prior experience relating to copywriting to take advantage of this software.

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Vlydeo V3 – Spectacular Video Templates

Vlydeo V3 Video Templates is the recent revolutionary and easiest way to make the effective marketing videos in few minutes By using DFY animated video templates. With this Vlydeo V3 Video Templates, you can make powerful & killer promotion design by yourself in just a few minutes from now without any expertise in designing. The good news is you only need few minutes to make the graphics done for you or your customers. Fachrul Stream will save your time by helping you in creating interesting promotion video in a matter of minutes with the only click and replace. Vlydeo V3 Video Templates will help you to make an eye-catching video like a pro in few minutes. It provides you hundreds of move-to-use animated slides. Everything it is the “done for you,” with updated styles to make your videos catchier and more engaging, with the personal touches, of course.

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Camtasia Mastery

Camtasia Mastery 9 is a powerful product which allows you to create fantastic videos using templates and experienced training of the creator, Ron Hogue. You know, the previous version of Camtasia Mastery 9 was a best seller online for months and received much love from students in over 100 countries. Now, Ron Hogue is about to make a comeback with Camtasia Mastery 9 which contains new and improved features in order to lets you create the most creative, professional videos faster than ever.

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Intro Video Creator

Intro Video Creator is an Adobe Air software that makes 2D and 3D video intros in 3 clicks. In particularly, it’s also used to create Logo Stingers. The app allows users to edit the music tracks, text fonts and the background, as well. The final video can be exported as MP4. Users can merge the video together or split them apart. They also are allowed to use the video for personal or business purposes. The source of material of this app has many catchy samples you can use. If you want, you can add your own into it.

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Vidinci can help anyone create a great video using DaVinci Resolve! No matter how advanced, Vidinci’s tutorial takes less than an hour and will quickly show you how to make a great video with DaVinci Resolve. As an additional bonus, the tutorial and media assets can be purchased with Master Resale Rights (MRR). This enables you to resell the tutorial and media assets to clients and customers and keep 100% profit.

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Motion Mascots V4

Motion Mascots V4 is the most desired collection of animated character that makes your videos more attractive. All the characters are fully dynamic and more capable of engagement. It consist more than 450 Character animations and 40 high quality backgrounds. These characters are in animated and static version with popular format like MOV, GIF, SEF, PNG. So they are 100% compatible with most popular video creators. Using these character you can increase your video conversions.

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Vidscape is a proven, powerful, and easy to use tool to target, engage and sell within minutes. This brand new saas application simulates YouTube in-stream video advertising technology. You can enable users to make the same YouTube ads with 100% control at no cost. Select Video – Add video ad and clip – Share icon. It puts users in control … it’s like nothing else in the market. It’s easy to use, which means that anyone can effectively market in minutes … even those on a budget and without a website.

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Easy Vidio Pro

Easy Video Pro is a unique new product that includes a power point templates that allow the user to create video animation for their product reviews, simply! Hereafter you don’t need any expensive and complicated software like Adobe After Effects Templates. With this software, you can make more advanced animated videos.

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VidiFire is the universal pitch video framework Peter Beattie has developed and perfected over several successful product launches & promotions over the last seven years. This framework has been used in over 30 of my most recent product launches and has played a crucial part in over $2.5 Million in sales on JVZoo in the past few years alone. VidiFire will help your create sales videos that get the money quickly. Everything you need to do to qualify for a prize is earned at least as much in commission. In this VidiFire, you will get breaks through the noise, commands attention and creates raving “Super Fans” that love to buy…even whether you’re on a Shoestring Budget and hate being on the Camera.

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Levidio Volume 5

Levidio Volume 5 ready to help you and your customer to create studio quality video for corporate, youtube, product promotion, ecommerce, instagram video, instagram stories, video ad, WhatsApp Videosand any other video marketing need. You can literally create video in 10 minutes OR LESS using only powerpoint. Levidio will help you increase your conversion and sales.

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Kinetic Text Animator

Kinetic Text Animator is software that help you create Text Animations. You could spend over $200 to get After Effects plug-ins that do similar  kinetic text animations effects that you can get with just 3 of the effects in Kinetic Text Animator. Kinetic Text Animator is currently in beta launch. If you purchase Kinetic Text Animator during this beta launch you will be grandfathered in to all updates for the public launch and beyond. Before we do a public launch we are looking for feedback and suggestions. We’ll be doing 5 updates over the coming days and possibly weeks. Each substantial update (usually updates where new animations and features have been added) will come with a $2 increase in the price 24 hours after the update is posted. This will continue until the price lands at $47 at which point we will set a date for our public launch.

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Stock Footage Ultimate 2.0

Stock Footage Ultimate Volume 2.0 is a new gigantic bundle of stunning stock videos, alluring motion backgrounds with engaging effects and green screen videos in hundreds of niches that you can use to add instant spices to any of video or rich media project. Stock Footage Ultimate 2.0 is priced at a crazy low price but there’s a catch though! Dime sale is applied and the price is going up rapidy with each prodcut sold so get it quick to secure the cheapest price.

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Carvly is the next generation digital marketing automation tool with a sophisticated built-in visual and video editor for creating, tried sharing and capturing leads for major social media networks. Karthik Ramani have crafted a powerful vidual editor and scheduler platform tool that works seamlessly on Facebook, Web, and Mobile. Carvly is the aritificial intelligence for digital marketing automation. Carvly will automate you digital marketing campaigns. With this Carvly, you can create your marketing content using visual image editor, cloak URL, integrate A/B testing for your campaigns.

Make VideoMarch 6, 20171000+2017-03-06 00:00:00
Video Producer PRO

Video Producer PRO is a Video Editing & Making software that helps anyone to create professional looking videos by adding Intros, Titles, Outros and other effects to videos set up with the software screen recording or video merger, any regular video you have on your computer or even any YouTube video that you could download using the software. Jimmy Mancini helps you to create high converting videos within few minutes. It includes the Intro and logo Stinger Maker, Micro Video Editor, Title Maker, Video Merger, Outro Maker, and Screen Recorder. Video Producer PRO is easy to use software that you have to create videos. You can create your products and also make them look like professional without any money investment. Video Producer PRO will improve any video you have on your computer or any YouTube video and profit from them by increase the conversions.

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VideoBold is the groundbreaking video solution that brings “big brand” Story Style Videos within reach of elite marketers with a never-before-realised arsenal of emotional and engaging video memories. VideoBold will teach you how to get traffic, how to get clients, what to charge, and how to bring that plan altogether, make sure you attend the after card videos live. Justin Sardi will help you to set you up as a “video consultant,” to set your price and sell these videos and keep a hundred percent of the profit. VideoBold is the collection of over 200 Editable story style videos spanning number niches. It is set to disrupt the video landscape, by enabling noncorporates to use the “big brand” style of “storyline” videos. With this VideoBold, you will be able to own all of that to make your videos and videos for clients, with the license available.

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Vidfire is the brand-new video assets bundle that help you to create a unique and pro-looking explainer video. Azam Dzulfikar developed this All in One solution for your video marketing, attractive and it ready to help you create any videos in less than 10 minutes. It will assist you to create beautiful animated video less than 10 minutes, only using Powerpoint. In this Vidfire, 7 Various Attractive Animated Video Template, 10 Brand New Social Media Template, 4 Amazing Logo Opener Video Template, HUGE Video & Graphics Asset Collection, and Step by step video training. This bundle requires simple steps to make pro-looking, creative, high converting and engaging videos and it only takes minutes. Vidfire will make your videos standout from the crowd and finally get more attention from your prospects.

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DropMock Scene Creator

DropMock Scene Creator is the all-in-one mockup design suite that you can select, customize, and market. It includes the landing pages, sales pages, blogs, websites, presentations, emails and Facebook. Lee Pennington designed this ground-breaking drop mock features that change design creation into the science. It is the simple to use scene creator that add your audio to the video mockups. This product is the proven and tested high-profit sales funnel. DropMock Scene Creator will provide the way through to allow you generate significant commissions. It will add your content to any of the Video or Image Templates with just ‘One Click.’ DropMock Scene Creator will revolutionize your marketing in just simple steps.

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Vidnimation is the one-stop-shop for all of your video marketing needs and will help make your videos more professional, have the edge over your competition and most importantly, bring in more sales and more income. Ray Lane guide you to take business using videos. It’s been recorded that there are approximately 100 million people watching videos on a daily basis. With this Vidnimation, you have the nice opportunity to get access to everything you have to give you the edge over all the competition. You can sit back, relax and kick their feet up and wait for a big fat check to hit their mailbox every, single month. Vidnimation will make your video marketing business work for the coming decades.

Make VideoFebruary 21, 2017500+2017-02-21 00:00:00

VideoPal is the world’s revolutionary new software suite that encompasses stunning looking Animated 3D, Animated 2D, and Human Spokespersons Video Pals and allows them to be added to any website. Also add to blogs, e-commerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages in seconds to immediately improve the sales, conversions, and leads. Todd Gross developed this software to convert sales anywhere across the world. Video Pal will help you to convey any message that boosts visitor engagement and drives sales and leads. You have never seen before futuristic video technology to improve conversions, sales, and also get more leads. With this Video Pal, you can quickly add call-to-action buttons, optin-forms, countdown timers, coupon codes and text on top of the VideoPal videos to further increase conversions and drive more sales and leads.

Make VideoFebruary 17, 2017, 9000+2017-02-17 00:00:00

FlickDramatizer is a software that lets you choose from its 270 animated and static effects and add them to your videos for blockbuster effects, engage your audience, and boost conversions. Viewers love these and share, making your video go viral.

Make VideoFebruary 7, 20171500+2017-02-07 00:00:00

PixelBolt is the all-in-one video and video creator that helps anyone to create professional video and graphic within three minutes using this PixelBolt. This is the one tool for all your graphics design, logo, banner, flyer, t-shirt and video need. This tool is developed for 1 year and ready to help you and your customer to create professional video and graphic in under 3 minutes that increase your conversion and sales. It will simply your work, helping you to create your own video and graphic easy and fast. It is the complete solution with the smart tool that makes it easy for the users to improve the conversion and also the sales using this professional design. This product will increase the conversion, Ads effectivity, sales, and credibility.

Make VideoJanuary 19, 2017500+2017-01-19 00:00:00
Whiteboard Video Xmas Mega Pack

Whiteboard Video Xmas Mega Pack is a “done-for-you” whiteboard animation video pack with amazing 42 whiteboard videos that removes all the stress, the cost, the headache of creating these videos yourself… with this Whiteboard Video Xmas Mega Pack, you can start to sell more video marketing services to local businesses right now.

Make VideoDecember 26, 201625+2016-12-26 00:00:00
EZ Spokesperson Creator

EZ Spokesperson Creator is a unique and all-done-for-you video editor that enables you to create high-quality commercials with live-action spokesperson models. EZ Spokesperson Creator is loaded with dozens of video templates on various topics, which makes it an irresistible tool to help you find success online much faster and charge much more money along the way.

Make VideoDecember 1, 20163500+2016-12-01 00:00:00
Video Spin Blaster Pro

Video Spin Blaster Pro+ is a software which helps everyone easy to create the quality video, build out gorgeous 3D animated videos around them and then push links of videos on Social Media top on the first page of Google and Youtube.

Make VideoSeptember 21, 2016, , 1500+2016-09-21 00:00:00
Green Screen Lab

Green Screen Lab is a 3 In One Green Screen Suite that created by Ciprian Macovei and Ionut Macovei. You will get over 160 Virtual Studio sets along with a step by step Green Screen Video Training Course and a free video editing software.

Make VideoSeptember 6, 2016, 1500+2016-09-06 00:00:00

Doodly is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Included is over 200 custom “poses”, 20 scenes, 200 props AND the ability to upload your own images. Fully tested and developed from the ground up, Doodly allows you to create unlimited videos right from your desktop for marketing needs. It’s a simple drag and drop doodle video creator. Pick between whiteboard or blackboard. Create a video using doodly done for you 100’s of characters, props, images, fonts, and sounds! you can even upload your own images, fonts, and sounds! and export your video in multiple formats and quality in minutes.

Make VideoAugust 8, 20168500+2016-08-08 00:00:00
Viddyoze 2.0

Viddyoze 2.0 is an amazing and unique web based 3D animation software platform. Viddyoze 2.0 allows you to create 3D animated video elements, such as Intros, Outros, Segways, Social Actions, Call To Actions and more. You can pretty mach create anything 3D animated within your videos. Viddyoze 2.0 is a web based cloud platform. This means it will work with PC as well as Mac. You don’t have to install anything on your computer. All you need is an internet connection and you can access the platform from anywhere and at any time. One other positive thing about web based cloud platforms is, that the rendering of the videos will always work with the same speed. It doesn’t matter what kind of computer or mobile device you have.

Make VideoJune 28, 201629500+2016-06-28 00:00:00
Viddyoze 2.0 Template Club

The Viddyoze Template Club is where the Viddyoze VIPs live. And this is your exclusive, one-time invitation. Template Club members won’t need to pay for renders. Their special licence means they’ll be able to pick any template in the marketplace and use it as much as they want. On top of that, Template Club members get 10 of the BEST templates our animators produce every single month. These are hand-picked to be the very cream of the crop. And your licence will allow unlimited renders for as long as you’re a Club member. No-One else will have access to these. They’ll never make it onto the marketplace, because they’ve been reserved especially for you.

Make VideoJune 28, 201618000+2016-06-28 00:00:00

ToonVidio is a software which allows you to create 2D and 3D animated videos while eliminating the need to have the different software tools to create and edit blockbuster animated marketing videos for your online business.

Make VideoJune 21, 2016, , 1500+2016-06-21 00:00:00
Video Spinn

Video Spinn is an innovative desktop app (for both Windows & Mac) that allows you to create hundreds — even thousands — of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. It can easily create randomized slideshow videos using folders of video clips and/or images. These are perfect for SEO, YouTube domination, offline client commercials, video personalization, affiliate marketing via video, video branding, keyword targeting, and more! We’re finding new uses every day.

Make Video, SEO Video, Video MarketingMay 17, 20161500+2016-05-17 00:00:00
Video Agent X

Video Agent X is the first product that makes it possible to play interactive videos that have been tailored to your visitor’s individual needs. With traditional video sales letters (VSL) it has not been possible to address the specific needs of each individual visitor because they are static videos that attempt an unrealistic “one size fits all” approach. Video Agent X is a revolutionary interactive video sales letter (VSL) creation software. This software can be used to create interactive videos that consist of several bite sized video clips which will play depending on your visitor’s responses. By allowing your viewer’s response to determine which video clip is played next you are effectively speaking to the individual needs of each visitor that comes to your page as opposed to showing everyone the same “one size fits all” VSL.

Make VideoApril 22, 2016, 500+2016-04-22 00:00:00
Engage Builder

Engage Builder is a Video Engagement tool designed to increase engagement, conversions & Optins. This powerful software is loaded with features. Engage Builder can be used on blogs, web pages, membership sites and squeeze pages. It has three levels of plan, the Basic, Premium and Enterprise levels. This product offers 3 plans, which are Basic, Premium and Enterprise Plan. Premium and Enterprise plan have additional feature other than Basic plan.

Make VideoApril 14, 2016500+2016-04-14 00:00:00
EZ Video Creator

EZ Video Creator is initial software about video stuffs, which is created by Matt Bush and Todd Gross. Both of them are well-known IT programmers as well as marketers on the online marketplace. EZ Video Creator is considered as the breaking point for the video industry and the largest money making machine off the hook that surely guarantees to make lots of money for you. It never seems so easy to make big money by just a small video tool like that.

Make VideoApril 1, 2016, 2500+2016-04-01 00:00:00

Vidgeos is groundbreaking video creation app with never seen before technology. Its technology is fresh and completely new to the market. It lets you create smart viewer specific videos which can automatically translate text of the video to the viewers location. What that means is, when someone from Germany is watching your video, then the text will automatically be translated into German. You can also market globally with each of your videos.

Make VideoFebruary 16, 20161000+2016-02-16 00:00:00

TubeLoot is a Video Player (WordPress plugin) to monetize your videos on your blog. With the player you can easily add a product/image slider and social sharing buttons below any video you want. With the built-in easy Amazon product finder, you can add related Amazon products in the image slider with just one click. However, you can use any image you want and redirect the image to any URL you want.

Build Website, Make VideoAugust 7, 20151500+2015-08-07 00:00:00
Video Retargeter

Video Retargeter is Insane Video software developed by Rachel Rofe that help you to Create Retargetting videos on demand for retargeting campaigns and making profit or boosting your Business Promotion ROI.  Video Retargeter is a software which help you create your retargeting videos easily. Although video remarketing is wildly powerful, it can be a HUGE pain in the butt to create videos. No matter what you sell online – physical products on Teespring, Shopify or Amazon, or CPA, or Kindle offers, or maybe you have an offline business. Video Retargeter will creates great looking retargeting videos in 3 minutes or less. Video Retargeter Rachel Rofe makes it so easy to create a quick video for your retargeting ads. It literally took me about three minutes after getting it to set up a professional looking, high quality video using the easy video script utility they provide. My ad was up, running and bringing me new customers in record time. This software saves me so much time. Video Retargeter Rachel Rofe is Full resale rights to videos means You get access to all of your videos and  you can use them for yourself or sell and profit from them.

Make VideoJune 23, 2015500+2015-06-23 00:00:00
Video Box Pro

Video Box Pro is a video software that allows you to create beautiful content using drag and drop templates. Video Box PRO can record screen videos and create slides based marketing videos, powerpoint presentations for webinars, sales videos and more.

Make VideoJune 15, 20151000+2015-06-15 00:00:00
Vydeo Sensation

Vydeo Sensation is the most awesome collection of creative video resources to hit the market. With Vydeo Sensation You will Start Making Better, More Creative Videos Today With The Most Value Packed and Inspirational Collection Of Video Assets On The Market. Vydeo Sensation includes: 30 Assets Packs For The Price Of One, PowerPoint Templates, Animated Characters, Video Openers, Promo Videos, Backgrounds, Creative Resources, Value Packed Bundle. Vydeo Sensation Will Save You Time & Money. Harness The Ability To Produce Creative Videos Without Spending Hours Learning New Techniques or Paying Hundreds Of Dollars For Assets.

Make VideoMay 11, 20151000+2015-05-11 00:00:00
TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker is a software tool to create professional appearing text to speech whiteboard videos that includes high quality (male and female) voices. This software allows anyone, no matter what their experience level is, to create high quality whiteboard/sketch videos in minutes. And it works on MAC and PC (Adobe Air).

Make VideoMarch 16, 20152500+2015-03-16 00:00:00
Video Store Pro

Video Store Pro is a turnkey video marketing business that will build an ecommerce site for you and stock it with professional white label videos and any other videos of your choosing. With Video Store Pro, the process of selling your videos to businesses has been simplified and streamlined with smart technology that allows you to sell these videos to your customers without having to customize them yourself.

Make Video, Video MarketingMarch 2, 2015, 1500+2015-03-02 00:00:00
Social Mobi Videos

Social Mobi Videos is a cloud based platform (SaaS) to easily create a video player and video skin with all kinds of social engaging and monetization options (as opt-in forms, CTA’s and more). The video player/skin with interactive videos can be shown on your WordPress blog, website, Fanpage Tab or just as sharable one-click direct link (URL) that can be watched in any browser. So basically you can create sort of mini video squeeze pages with interactive videos and customizable headline, sub-headline, bullets and opt-in form around it. If you use Social Mobi Videos with the direct one-click link, you can use them as stand-alone mobile responsive squeeze pages (and yes these will be hosted by Social Mobi Videos, so you don’t need your own website/hosting).

Make VideoFebruary 21, 20151000+2015-02-21 00:00:00

VidNeos is the first video marketing tool that combines Video Creation and SEO. Powered by an all-in-one software that can research, rank, analyze, and create videos, you can ride Vidneos to coveted first page rankings on Google and YouTube.The typical process of creating and ranking a video is Keyword research, Create video, Optimize Title, Description, Tags, Build backlinks and social signals. Vidneos is the very first software that streamlines the entire process and does ALL of these things. It conducts keyword research based on proven M8 algorithms built-in the software, allows you to easily create videos with custom voiceover and background music. It optimizes your video’s title, description, and tags AND steals tags from your top competitors, builds high quality backlinks to your videos so they can instantly rank on Google and YouTube.

Make Video, SEO VideoJanuary 22, 2015, , 3000+2015-01-22 00:00:00
Explaindio 3.0

Explaindio Video Creator is a new video making software that will enable you to  instantly create  high quality videos that contain whiteboard sketch, full motion and animation video elements  for any type of business even if you don’t have video production skills. It combines the two most successful video making software in 2014 (VideoMakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro 1, 2).

Make VideoNovember 11, 201419500+2014-11-11 00:00:00
Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Easy Sketch Pro is a software for Mac & PC that allows you to create high quality hand drawn doodle videos for an extremely low cost. Hiring an artist or a company to create a similar video can cost thousands of dollars, making Easy Sketch Pro a great option for small business owners and solopreneurs who want to create high-quality whiteboard animations without breaking the bank. We’ve used it to create several marketing videos for Happy Hour, including our Avatar Workshop video (which has earned several thousand dollars to date).

Make VideoJune 1, 201423000+2014-06-01 00:00:00

VideoMaker FX is a video editing software released by Peter Roszak. It’s intent is to help you quickly, and simply create videos to engage your audience. VideoMakerFX users can generate a profit from their videos such as selling freelance video creation services online or making video reviews. They also own full rights to the videos they create.

Make VideoMay 5, 201432500+2014-05-05 00:00:00