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Content Lock

Content Lock is WordPress plugin that allow you to quickly and easily lock the text content on any page or post on your site. Now its important to note that the content is only locked for the site visitors. Google and the other search engines still see the unlocked content so doing this will not hurt your search engine rankings. In order to unlock the content the user must enter in their email address. Once they do the page refreshes and it is now fully readable. Also the plugin will set a cookie on the users computer so it knows not to ask them to unlock the content a second time should they leave your site and come back later (its counter productive to keep asking a user for their email who has already given it). Of course Content Lock also integrated with the major autoresponders to automatically add these optins to your list. The autoresponders it integrates with are my own MailIt plugin, Aweber, GetResponse and Mail Chimp, or you can download your list as a text file to upload to any other platform.

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Cloud Defender Developer Edition

Cloud Defender is a powerful product that can help you make the safe security system for your website and you will no longer worry about DDoS because that never happens if Cloud Defender exists on your website.

  • The most up-to-date, comprehensive website security system available today – rest easy knowing your servers are secured with the same tools TOP authority sites are using
  • 4 essential, zero-cost plugins that will both protect your sites and optimize them for maximum speed, traffic and conversions
  • Step by step training broken down into over 15 actionable modules – including both written guides and screenshots – so you know EXACTLY how to secure both your servers and those of your clients
  • Quick Start Checklist – summarizes the setup process and lets you implement server security as fast as possible for both yourself and clients
  • Access to recommended, FREE apps to maximize site performance and lock down your server with 2 factor authentication
  • Pro Tips to have you up and running FAST and WITHOUT spending any extra money on things you don’t need
  • Developer rights so you can sell this security service as your very own, including the ability to rename and rebrand it as you wish for ongoing monthly income
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WP Site Guardian 2017

WP Site Guardian is a strong and powerful plugin for WordPress Security .WP Site Guardian is an all-inclusive Web App Firewall that protects your site against exploits – the most common yet dangerous types of hacking attacks. WP Site Guardian protects against all attack vendors including URL execution break-ins, Form execution break-ins, XSS Attacks, SQL Injection, Header Injection and Directory Traversal. Morever, in WP Site Guardian version of 2017 has many exceptional improvements: More powerful intruder detection, Fewer false positives, Even more compatibility across hosting platforms, Even easier installation, Improved intruder reporting.

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