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ProfitMozo is the world’s easiest and newbie friendly cloud-based software that creates high converting marketing pages and drives tons of high quality traffic from social media on 100% autopilot. Dr. Amit Pareek will help you to get the huge increase in the traffic, engagement, opt-ins and income. This software will help you to creates high converting marketing pages and boost promotions, leads, commissions, webinar registrations and ultimately get more profits on the total automation. ProfitMozo helps you don’t have to spend a fortune on buying any domain or hosting service. You can enjoy all advantages. It has been developed from the ground up with the best SEO practices in mind to get you high rankings in the Google. ProfitMozo is the ultimate software that all the business owner wants, irrespective of the niche you work in.

Landing PageMay 17, 2017, 250+2017-05-17 09:25:49
WP Video Sites

WP Video Sites is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create Independent Video Sites that run alongside your current blog. The Video sites are designed to Send Targeted Traffic, Increase Engagement and Boost the Search Engine Rankings for your main WordPress site. WP Video Sites is an all-in-one solution for anyone wanting to exploit the video authority content opportunity. You can schedule posts to import content from your choice of youtube channels or playlists, and add readable content beneath them with one click, using article builder content or the subtitles/descriptions of the videos themselves. For fine tuning clients’ posts, there is an edit window for each post before you schedule or post it, where you can add more content or review to edit what has been added to each video post.

Build WebsiteMay 11, 20171000+2017-05-11 20:10:20
Easy Bonus Builder

Easy Bonus Builder is a unique and powerful cloud-based software which helps you to create bonus pages and make it popular in just a few clicks with the hottest pre-made templates and more than 50 ready-to-go bonuses from its library! With Easy Bonus Builder, instead of spending several days, you can create and plugin quality Bonus offers quickly at no cost.

Build WebsiteMay 3, 2017, 250+2017-05-03 20:11:20
Breeze Builder

Breeze Builder is a powerful base for your page. You can quickly create and launch your pages with the lighting speed. This product allows your pages to host thousands visitors at the same time. Moreover, with a wide range of templates and designs, you can freely customize your pages to serve any purposes. Built on the ground of business module, this app helps you attract a great deal of traffic with high quality content. You can approach hot leads with checking and tracking tools.

Build WebsiteApril 21, 2017250+2017-04-21 00:00:00
AutoTube Builder 2.0

AutoTube Builder 2.0 software allows users to build complete video websites in under 60 seconds. This WordPress Plugin will automatically pull videos from YouTube based on any keyword. Kurt Chrisler will teach you to create viral affiliate video websites easier than ever. It will insert related Amazon affiliates products. Submits each post to Only Wire for instant links and much, much more. With this AutoTube Builder 2.0, this plugin will build a complete Viral video affiliate website in under 60 seconds. It will help you just to enter a keyword and instantly find videos, creates posts, import video descriptions, and add affiliate product. In this AutoTube Builder 2.0, you can automatically add videos from YouTube.

Build WebsiteApril 21, 2017250+2017-04-21 00:00:00
Push Connect Notify 2017

Push Connect Notify is a powerful, cloud based software application that allows you to capture push subscribers, get their email addresses, all by simply pasting one line of code on your website, eCommerce, or WordPress site. The app also allows you to send unlimited browser push notifications.

Build WebsiteApril 11, 20171000+2017-04-11 00:00:00
Simple Quiz Engine

Simple Quiz Engine is the most powerful software skyrockets your customer engagement and increases Opt-Ins and sales. Valerie DuVall will help you to earn $180 per visitor and complete for the $6k+ progressive prize pool. Your customers will have the training they need to start building high converting funnels immediately. With Simple Quiz Engine, you can create custom answers that deliver exactly the right tools and training to your prospects to turn them into very happy buyers right away. It can be used with any autoresponder and integrates using the following APIs. Simple Quiz Engine is a WordPress Plugin that creates quizzes segments your leads based on quiz results. It will generate more revenue and consumer engagement in your business

Build WebsiteMarch 29, 2017100+2017-03-29 00:00:00
Video Overplay

Video Overplay is a WordPress plugin that lets users seamlessly integrate opt-in forms, custom buttons, surveys, and more inside videos on their websites. This results in increased user engagement which has been proven to significantly increase video conversion rates which are naturally higher than any other form of online media as it is. Video Overplay lets you harness the power of any video online and place it on your blog. Having your opt-in box, survey, order link to your product or an affiliate offer, placed right on top of the video will enable you get the commission, the leads, or even just get the traffic. Unlike other video plugins out there, Video Overplay has set custom Call To Action buttons, surveys, social share buttons, and more all inside for quick and easy short code posting. Not only that, while OTHER video plugins are limited to YouTube, Video Overplay handles more than just one platform to make sure you get the most of the viral traffic coming your way.

Build Website, Video MarketingMarch 17, 201725+2017-03-17 00:00:00
BlankPager WP Plugin

BlankPager WP Plugin is the new WordPress plugin that allows you create fresh and elegant web page in less than 5 minutes. Integrated with hundreds of templates and also Drag and Drop Element Page builder for WordPress. So, a user can easily edit the templates without coding and design skill. BlankPager WP Plugin is the new WordPress plugin that allows you create fresh and elegant web pages inside your WordPress sites in minutes. It is web page builder plugin that comes with 100 templates ready to use. Yoedi will allow you to transform your WordPress page into the very professional web page. You don’t want to have coding or design skill. You just click, edit, and done. BlankPager WP Plugin will help you to turn your WordPress sites look like an elegant and professional website.

Build WebsiteMarch 10, 2017250+2017-03-10 00:00:00
WP Blazer 3.0

WP Blazer 3.0 is a cloudbased SaaS platform to automate, backup and secure ALL of your WordPress sites. WP Blazer 3.0 allows you to automatically manage all your WP sites inside one simple interface, and update & back them all up with a few simple clicks. With WP Blazer 3.0, You have the most powerful yet simple to use cloud solution that takes care of everything for you at your fingertips.

Build WebsiteMarch 8, 2017, 500+2017-03-08 00:00:00
Multistore Builder

Multistore Builder is the ultimate 7-networks-in-one affiliate authority store builder with built-in traffic and training. Ben Murray has created fully customizable, money-making, value-driven WordPress commerce affiliate stores packed with hundreds of products from 7 different networks in one. Everything is easy to use and puts you in total control. Multistore Builder is the new software created to help users build gorgeous affiliate stores with products they believe in from 7 different affiliate networks and amazing customizable ability to leave their valuable content and reviews actually to succeed. Unlike other store builders, MultiStore Builder allows you to instantly fill your store with thousands of the most unique, in-demand products from 7 major affiliate networks at once.

Build WebsiteMarch 8, 20171500+2017-03-08 00:00:00

UpTrack is the Next generation of SaaS link cloaking and tracking that will help your subscribers to monitor and optimize every section of their funnel/followup series and total marketing effort. This was created to fill a looming gap in the industry. You either had to pay big $ per month for an enterprise grade tracking system, or you had to compromise and pay slightly lower monthly fees but have unreliable tracking and the inability to track deep through the funnel. Uptrack addresses this with a single one-time payment for an enterprise grade platform. This product that your lists want and need. Simon Warner will help you to track and optimize every section of the funnel. UpTrack will teach how to recruit a golden team of developers and how to turn simple ideas into amazingly well-done products.

Build WebsiteMarch 3, 20171000+2017-03-03 00:00:00
WpTwin Special Pro

WpTwin is the ultimate, time-tested site clone app with more 2 million sites cloned to date. Ben Murray introduced this latest technology so that you can be assured it will work correctly. This product is the original, most updated, and still, most important site backup, restore, move, and also clone solution out there right now. This WpTwin helps users to quickly backup and restore a whole site, including all plugins, content, WP core, you name it… on any domain, you want on from any device, no matter how big or sophisticated the site is. You can clone the complete thing for a new product with only one click. WpTwin is the ‘set and forgets’ backup add-on that will backup your site on the autopilot at any interval you like.

Backup WebsiteFebruary 8, 20171500+2017-02-08 00:00:00
WpTwin Special Platinum

WpTwin Special Platinum is upgrade of WpTwin. WpTwin is the ultimate, time-tested site clone app with more 2 million sites cloned to date. Ben Murray et al. introduced this latest technology so that you can be assured it will work correctly. This product is the original, most updated, and still, most important site backup, restore, move, and also clone solution out there right now. This WpTwin helps users to quickly backup and restore a whole site, including all plugins, content, WP core, you name it… on any domain, you want on from any device, no matter how big or sophisticated the site is. You can clone the complete thing for a new product with only one click. WpTwin is the ‘set and forgets’ backup add-on that will backup your site on the autopilot at any interval you like. WpTwin Special Platinum has all features of WpTwin.

Backup WebsiteFebruary 8, 2017500+2017-02-08 00:00:00
Archon WordPress Theme

Archon WP Theme is the brand new WordPress theme that provides beautiful and the professional design lots of the powerful features. Fachrul Stream developed this theme that fits for anyone who has the online or offline business. This theme is for people who wants professionals and the beautiful website such as Affiliate Marketers, Business/product owners, Bloggers, flippers, and much more. This Archon WP Theme is built to work with any business. It will allow you to create unlimited website designs. It includes more theme style options that make your website unique from others by using this WordPress Theme. Archon WP Theme is more responsive, SEO optimized with the highly customizable configuration.

Build WebsiteFebruary 3, 2017250+2017-02-03 00:00:00
Covert Gawkr

Covert Gawkr is the brand new convert theme that helps you to make more sales and also pull bigger commissions for you. Every tool to make it copy and paste simple. IM Wealth Builders makes it super easy for people to build a great looking authority site and with just a few clicks they curate and fill it with a lot of great content. You can make a Covert Gawkr site full of high content in minutes by legally curating and using other people’s content. This theme is the super flexible and also can easily be used for affiliate sites, authority sites, portal sites for your any other blogs. Covert Gawkr integrates with your favorite autoresponder and all new members will automatically be added to your list. You will make the huge chunk of the commissions with this one.

Build WebsiteJanuary 29, 2017500+2017-01-29 00:00:00
Omni Xpress

Omni Xpress is the cloud tech generates money making stores with the push of a button. Han Fan developed web app immediately gives you your own online business with 1-click. It can automatically sell themes, sites and software tools. Omni Xpress will take them 1-click to add any other product, which means they’ll jump at the opportunity to monetize all those reseller rights instantly. It helps you to create multiple high-ranking stores with 10s of high converting products ready to sell, all built in. Omni Xpress can be used by anyone or even complete newbies tap into online marketing all on the autopilot.

Build WebsiteJanuary 27, 20171000+2017-01-27 00:00:00

AdConnect is the unique product with the many applications to build funnels that convert finally. Neil Napier introduced this breakthrough Ad-Funnel Technology that helps you to edit any website or landing page you want and immediately creates matching Ads within 60 seconds. It is the complete A to Z Solutions edits any page on the web in the real time. This Free Video shows the newbies how to get profit from the proven campaigns found on the internet by directly editing them in the real-time using this AdConnect. AdConnect help you to copy anyone’s landing page in the seconds and make it yours by instantly customizing it without the aid of any designer or developer ever again.

Build Website, Landing PageJanuary 26, 2017250+2017-01-26 00:00:00

EverLesson is a brand new web-based platform that allows user to create their membership sites easily within minutes. With full of powerful features, they can customize everything as they want without any prior experience. By using EverLesson, users can create as many professional membership sites as possible and even they can also add any product to each membership. Most of people use WordPress to create their blogs so they are too familiar with the operations to change themes in this blogging platform. Karthik knew this thing soon and to help user make easy to change the themes on their site, he added the same feature of changing the themes as WordPress so users don’t worry anything when doing this steps. They just choose from dozens of different customizable themes with some simple clicks of a mouse.

Build WebsiteJanuary 23, 2017500+2017-01-23 00:00:00
WP FreshPop

WP FreshPop is a WordPress Plugin that enables you to create revolutionary, user friendly pop-up windows on your WordPress websites. To date, this type of plugin is being used exclusively by huge authority websites. This plugin is the first on the market that enables you to get on a level playing field.

Build WebsiteJanuary 11, 2017, , 1000+2017-01-11 00:00:00
My Product Store

My Product Store is a powerful digital product sales platform that allows you to set up a ready-to-sell product and store in just a matter of minutes. Those products can be software, e-courses, e-books, PDFs, videos and downloads with zero tech skills. It also builds a product landing page and an eCom store for you. The best part is, My Product Store is the fastest, easiest and cheapest platform now available on the market. Let’s have a more in-depth look at its impressive features in my My Product Store Review.

Build WebsiteJanuary 9, 2017, 250+2017-01-09 00:00:00
iCoach Pro

iCoach Pro is a premium quality wordpress theme for individual professionals. iCoach Pro WordPress Theme you will easily create an amazing website that impress your website visitors and generate cash in minutes.

Build WebsiteJanuary 9, 201750+2017-01-09 00:00:00
Content Lock

Content Lock is WordPress plugin that allow you to quickly and easily lock the text content on any page or post on your site. Now its important to note that the content is only locked for the site visitors. Google and the other search engines still see the unlocked content so doing this will not hurt your search engine rankings. In order to unlock the content the user must enter in their email address. Once they do the page refreshes and it is now fully readable. Also the plugin will set a cookie on the users computer so it knows not to ask them to unlock the content a second time should they leave your site and come back later (its counter productive to keep asking a user for their email who has already given it). Of course Content Lock also integrated with the major autoresponders to automatically add these optins to your list. The autoresponders it integrates with are my own MailIt plugin, Aweber, GetResponse and Mail Chimp, or you can download your list as a text file to upload to any other platform.

Security WebsiteJanuary 1, 201750+2017-01-01 00:00:00
Cloud Defender Developer Edition

Cloud Defender is a powerful product that can help you make the safe security system for your website and you will no longer worry about DDoS because that never happens if Cloud Defender exists on your website.

  • The most up-to-date, comprehensive website security system available today – rest easy knowing your servers are secured with the same tools TOP authority sites are using
  • 4 essential, zero-cost plugins that will both protect your sites and optimize them for maximum speed, traffic and conversions
  • Step by step training broken down into over 15 actionable modules – including both written guides and screenshots – so you know EXACTLY how to secure both your servers and those of your clients
  • Quick Start Checklist – summarizes the setup process and lets you implement server security as fast as possible for both yourself and clients
  • Access to recommended, FREE apps to maximize site performance and lock down your server with 2 factor authentication
  • Pro Tips to have you up and running FAST and WITHOUT spending any extra money on things you don’t need
  • Developer rights so you can sell this security service as your very own, including the ability to rename and rebrand it as you wish for ongoing monthly income
Security WebsiteDecember 29, 20161000+2016-12-29 00:00:00
QuickEdit WordPress Solution

QuickEdit WordPress Solution is a breakthrough solution that helps you create personalized wordpress sites in minutes with an easy to use visual composer. This QuickEdit WordPress Solution theme keeps the bloat away and includes only those stuff that you absolutely need. The end result is a faster and easy-to-use website.

Build WebsiteDecember 20, 201650+2016-12-20 00:00:00
WP Site Guardian 2017

WP Site Guardian is a strong and powerful plugin for WordPress Security .WP Site Guardian is an all-inclusive Web App Firewall that protects your site against exploits – the most common yet dangerous types of hacking attacks. WP Site Guardian protects against all attack vendors including URL execution break-ins, Form execution break-ins, XSS Attacks, SQL Injection, Header Injection and Directory Traversal. Morever, in WP Site Guardian version of 2017 has many exceptional improvements: More powerful intruder detection, Fewer false positives, Even more compatibility across hosting platforms, Even easier installation, Improved intruder reporting.

Build Website, Security WebsiteDecember 18, 2016250+2016-12-18 00:00:00
Sprint Social

Sprint Social is a wordpress plugin that provides a fast and easy way to sell digital or physical goods without an eCommerce store. Sprint Social plugin helps you generate payments links that can be dropped anywhere … on blog posts, in emails and all across social media. Sprint Social allows you to make the entire web (social media, blog posts, video, emails) your storefront.  It takes your product to where your buyers are, meaning no more driving yourself crazy trying to get visitors to your ecommerce store. With sprint social, you don’t need a store.  The payment link it generates can be placed anywhere. Sprint Social will even automate sharing it on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Your products will be delivered securely to your buyers who can then engage with you in comments on your social media, blog or by email.

Build WebsiteDecember 16, 2016500+2016-12-16 00:00:00
Zap Funnel

Zap Funnel is a generous bundle of 8 ready-made Landing Page Funnels designed to get leads and affiliate commissions for you in the fastest time possible. We all know the money is in the list… but building a targeted Landing Page, coming up with a Free Gift to encourage visitors to exchange their details for, and writing an elaborate follow-up email series all take time and dedication. The good news is that we’ve done it all already – users just need to set them up and… ZAP! They’ve saved themselves days if not weeks of their precious time. With 8 different Landing Page Funnels, you can use one, some… or all! The more ways you offer visitors to get onto your list, the more leads you can generate. And the more follow-up emails you have, the more sales you can close on autopilot.

Landing PageDecember 16, 2016, 500+2016-12-16 00:00:00
VidBiz Video Store Builder

VidBiz is a brand new software that created by Molly Shukla, Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana. It helps you setup your very own professional storefront online that’ll sell all types of high demand video services In just a matter of minutes.

Build WebsiteDecember 6, 2016, , 500+2016-12-06 00:00:00
Ultimate Banner Plugin

Ultimate Banner Plugin is a amazing WordPress Plugin product from Cindy Donovan. Ultimate Banner Plugin lets you create customized banners, sidebars, and opt-ins simply and easily, bringing you increased sales and a growing email list.

Build WebsiteDecember 5, 2016500+2016-12-05 00:00:00
Rebake Premium

Rebake is the brand new web page builder that allows you to turn your whole site turn into a 1 KB size in less than 60s with ultra-fast page loading speed. With this tool, you can clone and edit any page or site you want quickly with ease. Indeed, Rebake is being appreciated by thousands of clients and most of them say that Rebake is really the world’s most powerful, easiest-to-use and fastest web page builder with high-converting sites spy tool.

Build WebsiteNovember 25, 20161500+2016-11-25 00:00:00
WP Theme Ultima

WP Theme Ultima is a collection unlike any other of Wp themes for ever major marketing need (with agency rights included). It’s includes 16 fully-supported, never-sold WordPress themes that give your website the marketing firepower it deserves. Plus, this insane collection comes w/ agency rights so you can use them with your own clients. WP Theme Ultima are built to reduce bounce rates, rank in Google, & pull in more traffic. Plus, It’s expertly coded for security unlike 3rd party designers who used old, outsourced code in places & Fully customizable with total control. ‘Under-the-hood’ technology to get traffic & protect from hackers.

Build WebsiteNovember 23, 20161000+2016-11-23 00:00:00

FotoPress is a new WP plugin that created by Ankur Shukla. It will helps you find, edit, create and manage images in photoshop style right inside your WordPress site.

Build Website, Image EditorOctober 31, 20161000+2016-10-31 00:00:00
WP Video Profits

WP Video Profits is a WordPress plugin that lets you add unlimited calls to action, optin forms and any kind of html elements right on top of your videos forcing visitors to take action and convert them into leads, sales and commissions for you. WP Video Profits adds amazing video actions that no one else among your competitors will be using so your site will stand out for your audience and convert more visitors into customers every single day.

Build Website, Video MarketingOctober 19, 2016, 500+2016-10-19 00:00:00
WP Social Traffic

WP Social Traffic is a plugin Worpress that designed to be the thing which can get up to more than 1000s of visitors who would start to visit your site automatically just with 1 click. Especially, they are 100% real people, not scam or something fake else because this WP Social Traffic is powerful. The traffic that this WP Social Traffic can bring you are from any niches that you want. This 100% Newbie Friendly – Push button software can help you to get more traffic in just 1 click away.

Build Website, Facebook MarketingSeptember 20, 20163000+2016-09-20 00:00:00

VSource is a ground-breaking software that enables you to exploit hidden targeted traffic, other peoples content and products in minutes… and start making affiliate commissions from just a few minutes’ work and with just a few clicks.

Affiliate Marketing, Build WebsiteAugust 31, 2016, , 1500+2016-08-31 00:00:00

MemberHub is a software designed to allow users to build simple, profitable sales sites almost instantly and without effort! You can easily create exclusive and unique sites to which other users can become members and either purchase products from or promote those products for you. It has been designed to allow creator take control of everything from the design to the products to the affiliates so you are able to ensure that your affiliates are reaching your customer base in the way you prefer. It is the simplest, easy to use and most advanced membership platform developed by master software developer Karthik Ramani and online entrepreneur Chad Nicely.

Build WebsiteAugust 24, 20161500+2016-08-24 00:00:00

Convertri is a high performance click funnel builder to create online marketing funnels for your products, landingpages, squeezepages, review sites, etc. Convertri is build on a CDN, CDN is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server. Convertri has a user friendly UI and you can make without prior knowledge and without coding skills full working websites, landingpages, squeezepages in minutes, or even seconds.

Build WebsiteJuly 26, 20162000+2016-07-26 00:00:00

Easy Links is one of these web apps that make tracking and link management easy, so instead of having bazillions of plugins installed on your WordPress dashboard, you just need Easy Links, they have a track system, a link cloak, split testing, everything you need inside of one web app.

Build WebsiteJuly 18, 2016, 1500+2016-07-18 00:00:00
eCom Profit Machine

eCom Profit Machine is a brand new, Point-n-Click software that builds you hands-free, commission-generating stores from scratch, in minutes. It creates powerful and professional online stores with fully featured product pages that Google loves. eCom Profit Machine software automatically adds images, descriptions, videos and customer reviews to pages without learning HTML, coding or web design making it brain-dead simple to get started in eCommerce immediately.

Build WebsiteJuly 10, 2016, 1500+2016-07-10 00:00:00
WP Commission Machine

WP Commission Machine is A simple 3-click software that instantly builds a fully functional, ready to work Affiliate Site for you that works on complete autopilot. It works with not just one affiliate program, but all 3 big e-commerce sites at the same time. The software can auto import 1000s of products in one click and make product keywords rank easily with long tail keywords for easy organic SEO traffic. It will automatically fetch all images, videos related to the products and create affiliate links across all products for you.

Affiliate Marketing, Build WebsiteJuly 4, 20162000+2016-07-04 00:00:00
Snap Reviews Pro

Snap Reviews Pro is a WordPress Plugin with market-leading features that will allow you to make beautiful review pages for all types of reviews : product reviews, place reviews, service reviews, affiliate product reviews and CPA product reviews. Snap Reviews Pro will go behind the scenes and show, in real time, how Stephen Gilbert is able to leverage the power of Reviews and Review pages to bring in thousands of dollars and build a list thousands of opt-ins strong. This training can take the rawest of newcomers and help them build a business from the ground up that actually works.

Build WebsiteJuly 3, 2016, 500+2016-07-03 00:00:00
Origin Builder

Origin Builder is The World’s True Drag n’ Drop Page Composer with Seamless Instant Actions Technology That Will Allow You to Build Innovative, Beautiful and Super-Intelligent Websites/Landing Pages in Minutes without Designing or Coding Anything Yourself. Here’s a new app that builds “Industry-Standard” landing pages in minutes. If you run a serious business and you generate customers online, you need a serious and professional page builder that can create high-performance, niche-styled pages for your business.

Build WebsiteJune 25, 20162000+2016-06-25 00:00:00
WP Link Shield 2.0

WP Link Shield 2.0 is a WordPress link cloaking plugin which lets you create, cloak, and track any your link in a place. WP Link Shield 2.0 makes it easy to: Cloak and protect your affiliate links against commission theft, Optimize your affiliate links for search engines index, Track every your link clicks and performance everywhere on the website and social media, Display the overall stats for total clicks and conversion rate. You can also set a custom domain name to cloak every your link behind it. It helps your links look shorter, more professional and easy to remember. WP Link Shield 2 has dozens of features available, so let me show you about the unique features and what you will get when using this plugin.

Build WebsiteJune 25, 20161000+2016-06-25 00:00:00

IGloo is a drag and drop software that helps users can create an exceptional website in their ways with various selection of design including tool of color, background, a font of letter and pictures. IGloo is not one-function software, it means that IGloo is suitable for every type of websites, you can use it for making a sales page for your online business, for a student, a musician, and everyone.

Build WebsiteJune 14, 20162500+2016-06-14 00:00:00
1-Click Video Site Builder Plugin

1 Click Video Site Builder is a true 1-click wordpress plugin that creates video sites in under 60 seconds. This plugin is fully automatic allowing you to set and forget while it posts the content that will make you money.

Build Website, Video MarketingJune 12, 20162500+2016-06-12 00:00:00
Push Connect Notify

Push Connect Notify is a powerful, yet simple software that allows you to capture push subscribers by pasting one line of code on your website and send them browser push notifications. Push Connect Notify has been rigorously tested and works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You paste a line of code on your website/blog and this software start capturing push subscribers – converting regular visitors on your website to subscribers instantly. Whenever someone subscribes, they become a part of your PCN database, and you can send them push notifications whenever you want. Push Connect Notify lets you schedule automated push notifications.

Build Website, List BuildingMay 17, 20161000+2016-05-17 00:00:00
Instant Funnel Machine

Instant Funnel Machine is a unique WordPress plugin that lets anyone create their own powerful Squeeze funnels designed for maximum opt-in conversions. With Instant Funnel Machine you don’t need high-level coding or programming skills (none of that required) and you can build designer-level squeeze funnels. You can have any squeeze funnel page style done for you – ANYHOW you want. It’s all point and click!. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to create squeeze funnels like a pro – with ZERO technical knowledge.

Build WebsiteMay 9, 20161500+2016-05-09 00:00:00
Viral Loop 2.0

Viral Loop 2.0 is an incredibly powerful WordPress tool which delivers high-quality themes and allows you to turn your website visitors into dynamic members. Thanks to it, your site will get fresh daily content, and you can generate custom profiles, encourage your members to share their lists to various social media sites, and after all, create an unstoppable viral traffic stream.

Build WebsiteApril 28, 20162000+2016-04-28 00:00:00
Simple Video Management System

Simple Video Management System is an amazing plugin by David Perdew. After trying to use many of the high-priced video plugins and David Perdew decided it was time he built his own simple video player that does a couple of things really well – and only those things, like playing videos in any browser, user friendly, organizing videos logically, adding HTML/buy buttons, revealing buy now buttons, autoplay options, redirecting to any page you want when the video is finished, and more. Simple Video Management System is a 100% original, made-from-scratch tool created by David’s team at NAMS! This is more than just a plugin. It is a game changing video player and video manager for any website whether it is WordPress or not.

Build Website, Video MarketingApril 25, 20161000+2016-04-25 00:00:00
Xtreme Builder

Xtreme Builder is the easiest drag & drop builder in minutes with world’s most advanced live editor for the best real time editing experience. It’s a drag and drop website builder to hit the market. It’ll give you to build any kind of page you want – from blogs, to sales pages, to landing pages, to thank you pages, to opt-in pages. in fact, you can even build an ecommerce page.

Build WebsiteApril 20, 2016, 2500+2016-04-20 00:00:00
AutoTube Site Builder

AutoTube Site Builder is WordPress Plugin that will allow you to just enter a keyword and instantly find videos, creates posts, import video descriptions, and add affiliate product automatically.

Build WebsiteApril 15, 20161000+2016-04-15 00:00:00
Easy WP Localhost

Easy WP Localhost is software that installs on a PC or MAC that allows users to run WordPress test sites locally without any technical skills. Traditionally installation of localhost software is complex & requires many steps. With Easy WP Localhost just double click the installer EXE(PC) or drag over the DMG file (MAC) & follow the on screen instructions. Once the process is complete the localhost is fully configured for speed & ready to use:  You can test themes & plugins offline, You can build sites offline, It’s faster – there’s no internet lag, If you make a mistake – just reset, You can fix/prevent problems on live sites, Zero running costs – no hosting/server fees. It’s the #1 tool that every WordPress developer should use daily & without a question it is the most useful tool for site development & testing.

Build WebsiteFebruary 20, 20162500+2016-02-20 00:00:00
eCom Pages

eCom Pages is the Shopify store creator software featuring easy-to-use drag-n-drop technology, and cloud server functionality. In other words, you can create Shopify stores that make you 4 to 5 figures a month passively on complete auto-pilot… faster, easier, and without being a web design or coding expert. If you can click and drag with your mouse, you can leverage this immense power for huge profits (even months and years down the line!). It’s the world’s first drag and drop shopify store builder based on the cloud. eCom Pages allows anyone, regardless of skill level or experience to build out highly profitable shopify stores in just a matter of minutes. A lot of people struggle to set up their own shopify stores when doing it all manually, however with eCom Pages, you can customise and use eCom Pages proven templates to generate profitable stores with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Build Website, Shopify AffiliateFebruary 17, 2016, , , , 3000+2016-02-17 00:00:00

AmpliFire is a new cloud-based software that allows you to create stunning full-screen “conversion mats” that show when people land on the site or eCom store. AmpliFire guarantees more of your prospects see your key call-to-action… and therefore boosts conversions on every campaign you run.

Build WebsiteFebruary 15, 2016, 500+2016-02-15 00:00:00
WP Income Formula

WP Income Formula is an amazing training course with 26 Step By Step Videos to Build WordPress sites and make cool passive income with less efforts. By using this video series, you can create WordPress websites and generate cash on demand with less efforts. This video series provides important information on how to build WordPress sites and make money by providing services to business owners.

Build Website, WordpressFebruary 11, 2016, , 1000+2016-02-11 00:00:00
Monkey Playr

Monkey Playr allows you to add any video from YouTube to your website or blog with all the cool features. It can work perfectly with any YouTube video. You can save hundreds, possibly thousands each year on video hosting fees by combining the power of YouTube with the tech smarts of Monkey Playr because this product says no with hosting fees. Monkey Playr has the ability to set the precise width & height of your video player, set your video player to full responsive mode, disable any dropdown or video information boxes, disable all annotations and disable full-screen playback & player control.

Build WebsiteFebruary 5, 20164500+2016-02-05 00:00:00

Page Flame is a multi-purpose Facebook marketing tool that allows online marketers to develop professional landing pages towards the purpose of increasing the rate at which you can generate leads and conversions. It also lets you drive organic and paid traffic from the Facebook newsfeed on auto-pilot. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly featuring a drag-and-drop landing page builder with a vast array of templates in just about every niche. It includes templates for ecommerce, events, coupons, landing pages, opt-in pages, social elements, and more. When creating a landing page with Page Flame you can also insert social elements to generate Likes and Shares. These features include FB like buttons, share buttons, send buttons, Google+, Google Maps, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, and FB comment boxes.

Build Website, Facebook MarketingJanuary 30, 2016, 1000+2016-01-30 00:00:00
Turbo Site Builder

Turbo Site Builder is the easiest tool ever to create websites without the need to know HTML or even install WordPress… Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, this is just good business sense: create websites fast and then use and/or sell them. With Turbo Site Builder, You just download the preset website, click to edit and upload images, save changes and you’re done. And of course it includes all the sites you need and all the materials for selling the software AS IS to your customers since it comes with resale rights. Everything you need is already done, you just have to get it and use it to make money. You don’t have to waste any more time thinking up new ideas or creating anything or spending time and more money in outgoings.

Build WebsiteJanuary 22, 2016, 1000+2016-01-22 00:00:00
Easy Member NEO

Easy Member NEO is A Powerful, Easy To Use Membership Software, Trusted By 1000’s of membership sites worldwide that’s going to allow you to do more with your membership sites than was previously possible! It’s a specially designed membership script – designed solely to build membership sites with membership site owners in mind.

Build WebsiteJanuary 9, 2016, 1000+2016-01-09 00:00:00
ReClick App

ReClick is a brand marketing platform that gives you a very secret code you can embed onto any page you want (landing page, blogs, websites etc) and practically double your conversions overnight without doing any extra work at all. It’s the first ever cloud marketing software that uses behaviour-monitoring engine and customer-driven funnels technology to acquire customers on the fly…Engage your audience. Collect more leads. Drive more traffic and sales. With ReClick You can grow Real Businesses, Boost Engagement & Generate More Customers Easily & In Minutes. ReClick help people achieve more results in their businesses & marketing campaigns. ReClick is a platform to optimise your already existing marketing campaigns, landing pages, video presentations, online stores to get more leads and make more sales using never seen before behaviour segmentation marketing technology…that will study the behaviour of an audience on your page and tailor an irresistible offer to them based on their behaviour automatically.

Build WebsiteJanuary 6, 20162500+2016-01-06 00:00:00
ProStyler Theme Evo

ProStyler Evo is a fully responsive retina ready WordPress theme for any kind of website or niche you can think about. It comes together with an integrated “Page Builder”, especially created to get the most out of this theme. It has a modern, elegant design, and full WooCommerce integration among other great features.

Build WebsiteDecember 17, 20151500+2015-12-17 00:00:00
WP Site Guardian

WP Site Guardian is a new WordPress plugin which will protect your WP sites against exploits. Within this WP Site Guardian Review I’m going over the plugin and show you what it is and how it works, so that you can make your own decision based on facts and not on the usual hype which you get, especially during a launch time. If you have a website, which run on WordPress then you might already know first hand, that this site get different kind of attacks every day. Maybe you don’t even realize that because you already have a security plugin installed. This happen to all WordPress sites, doesn’t matter if the site is popular or not.

Build WebsiteDecember 12, 20151500+2015-12-12 00:00:00

Digi Agency is a completely equipped, very expert WP theme including everything you might have to begin your own Offline Consultancy business! Launch your own offline consulting biz tonight! Now anyone can launch a local consulting business within hours with Digi Agency Theme. Unlike the other styles where you need to work with a copy author before your website goes live, DiGiAgency includes shown to convert DFY content & & images. You simply need to import it, modify it (if you desire) and you’re DONE. DiGiAgency comes with easy to use choices panel. You can change layout, colors & & appearance by simply clicking couple of buttons in the options panel. Even if you have ZERO technical knowledge you should provide special planning to your site in minutes.

Build WebsiteNovember 18, 20151000+2015-11-18 00:00:00
Commission Gorilla

Commission Gorilla is a simple little app that makes creating pages for things like bonus offers and delivery as simple as dragging and dropping things in the right place. It’s an affiliate program system that covers everything you need to get the most from your promotions no matter what affiliate network or program you work with. The app was designed and made by PromoteLabs. Two of the biggest names in affiliate marketing; Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson came together to create Commission Gorilla. When you use it you can see for yourself it was definitely made by affiliates for affiliates.

Build WebsiteNovember 9, 20152500+2015-11-09 00:00:00
WP OptinBoxes

Wp Optinboxes is best and awesome wordpress plugin developed by Ankur Shukla  that help you get unlimited leads like the pro’s do, collect unlimited leads from your wordpress site, with beautiful opt-in boxes and revolutionary 2-step opt-in process, with no experience needed and no monthly fees, no restrictions & no limitations, quickly in under 60 seconds.

Build WebsiteOctober 26, 20151500+2015-10-26 00:00:00

Captifire is a software tool to easily create highly engaging marketing pages (like squeeze, landing, bridge, webinar registration, video, retargeting/coupon, coming soon, (pre-)sale, 404, and more). It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device you want. Your pages are even hosted for you (but you can publish your pages on your own server).

Build WebsiteOctober 9, 2015, 2000+2015-10-09 00:00:00

VidEngage is a web-based software that allows your videos to visibly continue playing when a user scrolls down a page. How many times have you been watching a sales video and then scrolled down the page to see what else was on the page? When you do this, the audio continues playing but the potential customer cannot actually see the video.

Build WebsiteOctober 8, 20151000+2015-10-08 00:00:00
Social Suite

Social Suite is a web-based software that allows you create & design a web page from which the generation of market leads, promotion and sales of products and services can be done. The users of the software can design squeeze pages, e-commerce pages, sales pages, etc. The software is user-friendly for people and organizations that wish to sell their products or get social following through generation of market leads.

Build Website, Social MarketingSeptember 28, 2015, 2000+2015-09-28 00:00:00

ClickAnimate is a WordPress plugin that allows users to engage their audience in an exciting new way by adding sounds and animations to any elements on your website. ClickAnimate is compatible with every WordPress theme out there and will change your blog from “just another website” to a website in which you can essentially control your visitors attention and what you want them to notice on your page. The plugin comes with a huge selection of animations and sounds that can be implemented anywhere in your posts and pages. And from an operational standpoint everything is as easy as point-and-click.

Build WebsiteSeptember 8, 2015, 1500+2015-09-08 00:00:00
WP Central Hub 2.0

WP Central Hub 2.0 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from within one dashboard installed on your main WordPress site. It’s a huge time-saver and you can easily upload plugins and themes, add/delete users, write and publish posts, and manage your links from your main dashboard.

Build WebsiteSeptember 5, 20151000+2015-09-05 00:00:00
Social Surveys

Social Surveys is a web based tool to easily create surveys. Surveys to know your visitors better and give what they want, like discounts, special offers and giveaways. Surveys with engaging steps that include images, audio, videos and more… You can easily segment your visitors into different email lists based upon the given answers. The surveys can be run on Facebook, on your website/blog or published/shared via an unique URL (created for you by the software). The surveys are fully mobile responsive and can be easily customized. You have many options for the kind of questions you want to ask, like Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Dropdown Menu, Yes/No, and Open Answer (Single or Multiple Textbox). There are also several rating options, like numbers, rating, smileys, up/down vote, and opinion scale. And you can add all kinds of extra elements to your surveys as a comment box, email, website, statements, legal remarks, calendars and YouTube videos.

Build Website, List BuildingAugust 31, 20151500+2015-08-31 00:00:00

SqueezeFunnels is a simple drag-and-drop marketing page builder for any type of marketing page including landing pages, sales pages and webinar pages. Imagine if you could use templates of the exact sales pages from SqueezeMobi, Todd Gross, Precious Ngwu, Karthik & Chad, Sam Bakker, Neil Napier, and other 6-figure and 7-figure marketers. In addition to the incredible drag-and-drop page builder that has been tried and tested in being able to rebuild some of the top performing sales pages of the year, one of the upsells gives you these templates.This is literally an opportunity that you will never have again. Any experienced marketer can tell you that building your sales pages and landing pages is the most important element of any campaign or product; it’s more important than the product itself. A killer sales page can sell ice to an eskimo, but if someone tried to sell the hottest product ever created with a lousy sales page, your conversion rates would be poor even if you sold it for $1. But the truth is that sales pages are incredibly difficult to design and that’s why marketers will often spend thousands of dollars for a professional sales page… And these are the same sales pages that SqueezeFunnels is giving to you for a ridiculously low price.

Build WebsiteAugust 28, 20151000+2015-08-28 00:00:00
Content Nitrous

Content Nitrous is an amazing wordpress plugin by Omar Martin. The Content Nitrous system reveals the exact methods used by experts to increase backend website profits. More importantly, the Content Nitrous plugin generates a shortcode that you can place anywhere inside your website to increase your long term profits.

Build WebsiteAugust 25, 2015, 1000+2015-08-25 00:00:00
Video Cloud Pro

Video Cloud Pro is a new technology creates perfect unfair seo-optimized video sites pre-filled with content & readymade marketing. With Video Cloud Pro we took everything we learned from our beta users in January and refined it to perfection. So now, not only is Video Cloud Pro the FIRST ever fully automated web system that builds sites and curates content at the push of a button, it’s also a flawless money-making machine. The ease of use for Video Cloud Pro is absolutely STUNNING, allowing users to seamlessly enter their keywords and curate videos, grab leads and monetize their audience, all within a set-and-forget interface, without every having to touch one line of code.

Build Website, Video MarketingAugust 20, 2015, , 1000+2015-08-20 00:00:00

TubeLoot is a Video Player (WordPress plugin) to monetize your videos on your blog. With the player you can easily add a product/image slider and social sharing buttons below any video you want. With the built-in easy Amazon product finder, you can add related Amazon products in the image slider with just one click. However, you can use any image you want and redirect the image to any URL you want.

Build Website, Make VideoAugust 7, 20151500+2015-08-07 00:00:00
Timer Magic

Timer Magic is a next generation technology that lets you create and paste countdown timers on anywhere on the web like in emails, web pages, blogs, sales page, landing page etc. and that also without needing to hire any developers. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, what you’re selling, if you have your own product, or you only focus on promoting affiliate products, the best way to increase sale conversions is with a deadline or scarcity. It is better to put a deadline straight in front of people is putting an eye-catching countdown timer on your web page and in your emails. Timer Magic will design your timer, copy the code, and paste it wherever you want the timer to show up in your email or on your web page or blog. It is so simple that even a newbie marketer can do it very easily.

Build WebsiteJuly 2, 20152000+2015-07-02 00:00:00
Video Pop Funnels

Video Pop Funnels is a simple to use video funnel software designed to increase your list size, conversions and profits. By automatically customizing every visitor’s experience, this point and click software converts prospects into customers easier than ever.

Build Website, List BuildingJune 18, 20151500+2015-06-18 00:00:00
Swift Member

Swift Member is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build professional caliber membership sites and gives you a platform to load your content into a system that will deliver it to your customers.

Build WebsiteJune 10, 20151500+2015-06-10 00:00:00
Video Lead Box

Video Lead Box is an app to easily create highly engaging popups on your website. Although the name indicates that you can only create video popups, you can create any kind of popup you want (with or without a video). It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device you want. Video Lead Box is very easy to use and you can create your popups within minutes without any experience or technical know-how.

Build Website, List Building, Video MarketingMay 4, 20151500+2015-05-04 00:00:00
Shock Spots Pro

Shock Spots Pro is amazing product by Mark Bishop, Radu Hahaianu & Ankur Shukla. Shock Spots Pro is an easy but highly effective plugin based on the Native ad principle… which addresses a growing problem for internet marketers. It increases clicks & profits without changing your web-site or increasing your traffic. Drop one small piece of Shortcode into any popular post or page and watch the clicks & profits sky-rocket. A single click: code drop becomes a must click ad for visitors. The perfect tool [Wordpress plugin] for anyone, in any niche. Drop the dynamic code under videos,under articles, inside content, … anywhere you like.

Build Website, TrafficApril 9, 2015, , 500+2015-04-09 00:00:00
Copy Paste Business

Copy Paste Business is a software created by Ankur Shukla. The software will help you instantly build your money making website in less than 2 minutes.

Build WebsiteMarch 29, 20151500+2015-03-29 00:00:00

Engagifire is a software tool to easily create highly engaging popups and slide-ins as Push-Notifications, Opt-in Form Overlays and Exit Offers on any website. It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device you want. After creating your campaign you have 2 options to publish your campaign: Use the script and paste it into your (HTML) page, Use the WordPress plugin and enter just your shortcode ID.

Build WebsiteMarch 20, 2015, 2500+2015-03-20 00:00:00
WP Dollar 3.0

WP Dollar 3.0 is a WordPress plugin to easily create Amazon Shops or Review sites. You can build unlimited sites completely automatically with drip feed content. Set your campaigns once and let the software publish and schedule your (product) posts automatically.

Amazon Affiliate, Build WebsiteMarch 13, 20151000+2015-03-13 00:00:00

VideoHub is a web based application for displaying your (YouTube, Vimeo and S3 hosted) videos in a video gallery. Choose from 20+ beautiful gallery templates. Comes with built in customizable video player and highly effective monetization options as lead capture and CTA buttons. Show your video galleries on different places like your website/blog, Fanpage or hosted page by VideoHub.

Build Website, Video MarketingFebruary 23, 20151000+2015-02-23 00:00:00
ZeroBounce 2.0

Zero Bounce 2.0 is a WordPress plugin gives you the super power to redirect bouncing visitors to go to any URL you wish after they click on the back button. With this plugin you can turn lost traffic (traffic that leaving your website) into profit. Or you get an extra change to convince them to perform your desired Call To Action.

Build Website, TrafficFebruary 11, 20152000+2015-02-11 00:00:00

Stakk is software or more exactly a software plug-in that is designed to make it easy for anyone to produce professional looking pop-ups for any website. It combines services so that those pop-ups will be very powerful and then stacks them up for visual appeal. Stakk  software promises to make pop-up design, implementation, and optimization easy for those with little or no training in code. If you like variety and do know code, then there are more avenues of customization available for you.

Build WebsiteFebruary 5, 2015, , 1500+2015-02-05 00:00:00

Icon Lead is an online software that allows you to embed clickable icons on any image. You can use these to get more clicks, email optins, phone calls…and thus make your marketing stand out.

Build WebsiteFebruary 2, 20151500+2015-02-02 00:00:00

TrafficFunnlr is a web-based software application. You get access to a member website (an easy to use WordPress site hosted on where you can create unlimited campaigns. You can create 4 different Smart Funnel types depending upon your campaign objective. Whether you want to drive social traffic, redirect to different offer pages, show custom thank-you pages or collect email opt-ins.

Build WebsiteFebruary 2, 2015, 1000+2015-02-02 00:00:00
Fresh Title

Fresh Title is a оnе-сlісk ѕоftwаrе thаt gives you іnѕtаnt ассеѕѕ tо thоuѕаndѕ оf рrоvеn tіtlеѕ and hеаdlіnеѕ fоr any соntеnt уоu need! With Fresh Title You саn instantly create kіllеr соnvеrtіng headlines for whаtеvеr tуре of соntеnt уоu want ѕо you won’t nееd tо ѕреnd a lоt оf mоnеу оn hіrіng copywriters аnd tеѕtіng аll thе tіmе for all the nеw саmраіgnѕ you run. The title explains a whole lot, but what Fresh Title allows you to do is pump out thousands of high converting titles and headlines that are proven to engage your visitors and get you more sales.. You start by choosing the niche that you need headlines for and within seconds Fresh Title will use it’s proprietary algorithm to spit back hundreds of optimized and proven headlines and titles that you copy and paste into your marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, Build WebsiteFebruary 1, 20152000+2015-02-01 00:00:00

Vidlify is a web app that will give you the ability to easily and quickly build your own profitable unique and responsive video websites and then populate it with thousands of videos in a few minutes. You can automatically curate as many videos for your targtted keywords as you want and build your brand in any niche. You can build video sites that work on any mobile device you and your visitors own. You sites will be ranked on the first page of Google by using the built in SEO feature. You can track your video sites, visitors, videos and more by using the admin panel. Build your email list fast by using Vidlify Opt-in panels. Reach out to a huge number of people by translating your sites into different languages. Build your social brand by using Vidlify Facebook Integration.

Build Website, SEO Video, Video MarketingJanuary 26, 2015, 2000+2015-01-26 00:00:00
WP Freshstart Plugin v3

WP Freshstart v3 is a wordpress plugin that helps you setting up a WordPress site within minutes.  This ONE CLICK plugin that does all the mundane tasks for you. Whether it is deleting all the default pages, posts and settings to make your site google ready in just 10 SECONDS with all your favorite plugins installed, must have pages added and ready to go. All you have to do is 1 Click and the plugin does it all for you, New 3.0 comes with INSTA-RESET feature too.

Build WebsiteJanuary 3, 20153500+2015-01-03 00:00:00
LandingPage Monkey

LandingPage Monkey is the new marketer friendly, page building platform that guarantees more opt-ins and less hassles…Your pages will look great in any browser on any device (including mobile & tablet) so you’ll be up and running fast. There are only a few drawbacks to the system as a whole. For one thing, the primary selling point – full video backgrounds – doesn’t work on mobile devices. This is to be expected, as video is a large bandwidth drain and they don’t want to harm mobile users. There’s a fallback system in place, but if a video is essential to your landing page, the mobile version is a little flat. The lack of provided templates makes it slightly less beginner-friendly than some alternatives. However, templates do exist; they just need to be created and shared by other Landing Page Monkey users.

Build WebsiteDecember 4, 201411500+2014-12-04 00:00:00